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My name is Zei. I’m the Designer behind Pelhuaz by Red.

This page supposes to give you a formal background of us, as a business – but I decided differently. I wanted you to know me as the Small Business owner. This is a humble one mom home business. It’s just me.

I’m unruly, sarcastic, and pelua (tangled)… My first language is Spanish, and I tried really hard to proof-read every post more than once. I’m sure you’ll find few misspells or grammatical errors. I’ll sure discover them after weeks of the post being life, and – as always, will kick myself about it!

As some of you already know, I’m a Telecommunications Project Manager on permanent vacation that love making pretty things. But most of all I’m a Momma, a wife, a homeschooler of a 5th Grader, a caregiver (most like a couch) of an active Chubby Toddler, a crafter, a SAHM, and a WAHM.

I initiated this venture back in April of 2013 when I decided that making jewelry just for my daughters, and I wasn’t enough. Since then, Pelhuaz by Red is in the business of making pretty and affordable wearables. From necklaces to casual wear, we offer unique designs that will make you set apart and feel fabulous!

Pretty and good quality in fashion doesn’t have to be expensive.

This will be my second time around trying to do this all-by-myself store/blog experience. The blog will be more like a place for me to vent, and help others. It’s my safe place where being a Mom, a Designer, and a Homeschooler comes together. So far I’m loving it!

Recently, I discovered the mystic occult arts of Happy Planning. Since then I’ve been creating all sort of planner essentials for the planner addicts.

Well, that’s pretty much a summary about us and “Yours Truly”.

If you want to keep up with the craziness of my days and the updates at Pelhuaz by Red, follow /pelhuaz on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.



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