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Welcome Rebels to The Crafty Rebels Link Up Week 15.

This is not an exclusive sharing, andall sellers are welcome to participate!We want to promote your small business, regardless the platform where you are selling at! You are amazing… You have achieve so much, thatwe want to celebrate that!

What’s different this week?

Remember the The Crafty Rebels Link Up Week 14 lasted 2 weeks due to the Thanksgiving break and all the activities related to the Weekend sales event? I set it up for two weeks, because we were focus on our families, putting up the Christmas decoration, working on our own stores events, and life in general. It was a fun week, even I had a mayor issue with one of my tooth… No Tooth Fairy pay me a visit, only the Pain Wizard…






Changes are happening little by little at every corner of Pelhuaz by Red and this is one of my favorite blog post.

Let’s get to business with The Crafty Rebels Link Up Week 15…

Here are week 12 results:

Rebels’ Favorite

TheCrafty Rebels Link Up for Week 14was fabulous. Here the items with the most views. These week winners are here!

First Place

Jo Mama is So Geek – Nightmare Before Christmas Ornament


1st-place-wk-14 | Nightmare Before Christmas Ornament
Jo Mama is So Geek | Nightmare Before Christmas Ornament
Enjoy The Little Things Women T-shirt
Pelhuaz by Red: Enjoy The Little Things Women T-shirt


Let’s talk about how well we did. Up to yesterday:

  • 78Total Blog Views
  • 25#CraftyRebelsLinkup Shares at FB
  • 4 #CraftyRebelsLinkup Tags at IG
  • 8#CraftyRebelsLinkup Tags at Twitter
  • 7#CraftyRebelsLinkup Tags at Pinterest
  • Link up reached:
    • 86views
    • 24links
    • 75clicks






The Crafty Rebel’s Picks

Each week, I’ll introduce you to a new Crafty Rebels’ Member that will pick 2 items to be featured at theCrafty Rebel’s Pickssection.

This week, I have my good friend Cristie as theRebel of the Week. She’s the owner of #QtsyLife and have amazing crochet, hair bows and accessories that can be used to decorate anything!!




I asked Cristie to help me out with theCrafty Rebel’s Picks, and here are her favorites:








Crafty Rebels Link Up Week 15

The Crafty Rebels Link up will be activated each Friday, and you will be able to post 3 of your items. It will be opened for 5 days (until the following Wednesday). By then, a Crafty Rebels Member (one new each week) will pick 2 items to be featured at theCrafty Rebel’s Picks. Also, the 2 items with the most views will be featured at theRebel’s Favorite.

4 amazing opportunities to be feature!There is also aPinterest Boardand aPolyvore Accountwhere I share my favorites! (if you prefer not to be shared at Pinterest, please let us know!)

Awesome, si?

To participate at the Crafty Rebels Link up you just need to follow these simple instructions:

  1. Add up to3of your fabulous items.
  2. Vote for3items (not yours, you silly), by clicking over the item.
  3. You are required to share (at least once) the link up thru the week using#craftyrebelslinkup. The more the merrier…
  4. Look for the #tag (at least once), to interact with each other. Perfect scenario will be if you do so few times thru the week.
  5. Remember that the more we share, the higher the chances that your items are discovered by a new audience.

How this is done?

  1. Click on the Inlinkz blue bar button
  2. At the 1st box, add the URL to your individual product, and hit tab
  3. Will automatically populate the product details – you can make changes if you want
  4. At the 3rd box you need to include your email address (will not be public)
  5. Select a thumbnail photo
  6. Click DONE
  7. To add another item, just click at the add another item button.






Help us make this tool more visible by sharing it as much as possible… Share… Share…Share…

Hope you get lots of views and new traffic.

Here it is!



Let’s surround ourself with positive people that support our dreams!




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