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Welcome to a new cycle in the life of #handmadefavorites – a listing of favorites. For those of you that area new here, this space is my forum to share with you amazing blogs and fabulous handmade goods. As simple as that!


Kiser Krafts Handmade

Kelly is the host of this fabulous weekly blog where she offers a weekly link up for handmade products within online shop to help them be seen by a whole new group of people. At her store, Kelly offers beautiful handmade sock dollies and beautiful handmade bags. I highly recommend those, as I’m the happy owner of Kelly’s creations.

I’m always excited about the items post and the results of the previous week. Handmade Mania week 45 Link Up Fun! We received double feature this week, with my I am Crafty appeal.I am Crafty Toteat the Krazy Views and theI am Crafty T-shirtat the Krazies picks.

My first listing for the handmade favorites is:

Green Square Faux Druzy Hairpin
Green Square Faux Druzy Hairpin by Imy & Me

The Craft Penguin

Jeniffer is the owner of The Craft Penguin and she hosts the Penguin Luv Link-Up. Jeniffer specializes in handmade crafts and custom gifts. Her specialties are Amigurumi and Custom String Arts.

This is a weekly linkup for handmade products from online shop. Her goal is to help promote businesses and get those items seen by new groups of people. We were feature at thePenguin Luv Week 50with our I am Crafty Women’s T-shirt at the Staff Picks. Yay! Let’s pay her fabulousstore/blog a visit, as she’s working really hard doing big changes. Having a new domain and a hosting could be a difficult migrating process, but hers is looking amazing.

My favorite listing for the handmade favorites last week was:

Halloween Personalized Tote Orange by GeezLouise0o
Halloween Personalized Tote Orange by GeezLouise


Katie is the owner ofNerdfeltand she hosts a weekly linkup for handmade products from online shop dedicated to the Geekies and Nerdies. Last week she hosted the#nerdMade Week 10.

My favorite listing for the handmade favorites last week was:

Storm Trooper Mug by Krafternal

Sweet Little Gems

So this is another awesome link-up where you can promote 1 of your products for free. Remember is just 1 product. Don’t be like Zei… She went into a sharing frenzy, and added more than 1… Yeah, that’s just like me… Barbara was so nice, and polite, that she let me stay, and fixed my lack of following instructions. A big UPSsssss for me! Shame on you, Zei!

This fabulous blog is run by the owners of Zizzy Bog Shop. An amazing artist that offers handmade, ready to ship quilt blocks, coiled fabric bowls and quilted fabric postcards. You can take a look at their work here.

My favorite listing for the handmade favorites is:

Ladybug Birthday Banner Party Decoration by Adore by Nat


Wilde Design

Beth is the proud owner ofWildemoon. If you are a geek, this is the store for you! OMG, Beth have so many awesome things! I’m obsess with herBarbie Murder Series. Visiting this shop it’s aMOST!

She’s currently on vacations, but Beth posted on herbloga fabulous tip that I need to share again.World’s Best Free Wrapping Paper Holder. I do so much crafts with the Girl, that I have a ton of those things around the house… But I had never looked at them in such way! You need to read this!

World’s Best Free Wrapping Paper Holder

Confessions of a SAHM

Gloria, is a SAHM that managed her day around two cute boys. Shelve this amazing blog and her main goal is to bring inspiration and encouragement to us (SAHMs) life as sometimes, being a stay at home parent can be a challenge. And I sure know about this challenges.

Last week she shared with us a great post with14 Handmade Items for Back to School. Pelhuaz by Red made the list. My favorite from the list is from my dear friend Elizabeth, owner and creator ofNaptime Craze Designs. Her planner accessories are so beautiful and perfectly assembled.

Floral Planner Pouch by NaptimeCrazeDesigns
Floral Planner Pouch by Naptime Craze Designs

There you have it! My listing of favorites is completed for the week. What do you think? Did you made this week picks?

Remember to return on Friday to add your goodies at the new and fabulous Crafty Rebels Link-Up. I’m so excited about that! (Yay!)


Con amor!


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