Handmade Favorites by Pelhuaz by Red Week 4

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Welcome to Week 3  in the life of #handmadefavorites – a listing of favorites. For those of you that area new here, this space is my forum to share with you amazing blogs and fabulous handmade goods. As simple as that!


Kiser Krafts Handmade


Kelly is the host of this fabulous weekly blog where she offers a weekly link up for handmade products within online shop to help them be seen by a whole new group of people. At her store, Kelly offers beautiful handmade sock dollies and beautiful handmade bags. I highly recommend those, as I’m the happy owner of Kelly’s creations. I’m always excited about the items post and the results of the previous week.

Handmade Mania week 48 Link Up Fun! We received double feature this week, with my Appeal Collection. I make pretty things and Sarcasm Women’s T-Shirt at the Krazy Views. Take a look at the amazing image that Kelly shared at her blog. I’m surrounded by such talented friends.

Pelhuaz by Red | Kiser Krafts Handmade


My favorite Handmade Mania week 48 Link Up Fun listing for the handmade favorites is:

Pelhuaz by Red Handmade Favorites
Spiral Paper Roses by OrigamiDelights


As Kelly is so fabulous, she is also hosting a second link-up. This one is a link-up of blogs, articles, a online shops, creative DIY/tutorials or a products – all things you personally like/love/enjoy. She named this new awesome share initiative the Sharing Saturday Link-Up. Sweet!

This week Pelhuaz by Red Crafty Rebels Link Up had a special mention! Also our pick off last week – the post by Wilde Design  Cosplay Tutorial + Digital Download: Captain Hammer made the cut.

My favorite Sharing Saturday Link-Up listing for the handmade favorites is: 

Pelhuaz by Red | MotivationalTattoo
Motivational bandaid by Motivational Tattoo

The Craft Penguin

Jeniffer is the owner of The Craft Penguin and she hosts the Penguin Luv Link-Up. Jeniffer specializes in handmade crafts and custom gifts. Her specialties are Amigurumi and Custom String Arts.

This is a weekly linkup for handmade products from online shop. Her goal is to help promote businesses and get those items seen by new groups of people.

The Penguin Luv Week 54 is on.

My favorite Penguin Luv Week 54 listing for the handmade favorites is:

Pelhuaz by Red | NaturalBodyComfort
Wrist rest by NaturalBodyComfort


The Crafty Rebels Link-up

This is brand new link-up hosted by Pelhuaz by Red. This is not a exclusive link-up to a specific selling platform/group. All sellers are welcome! I wanted to promote all small business, regardless the platform where you are selling at! You are amazing… You have achieve so much, and I want to celebrate that! Every Friday, there will be a new post with the highlights of  the favorites, the most view, and a small mention of a Crafty Rebel member. Even, Fridays at Pelhuaz by Red are exclusive for The Crafty Rebels Link-up, I wanted to share my favorite.

My favorite The Crafty Rebels Link-up Week 3 listing for the handmade favorites is:

Blue Raspberry & Pink Lollipop by Bubblegum Emporium
Blue Raspberry & Pink Lollipop by Bubblegum Emporium



Wilde Design

Beth is the proud owner of Wildemoon. If you are a geek, this is the store for you! OMG, Beth have so many awesome things! I’m obsess with her Barbie Murder Series. Visiting this shop it’s a MOST!

Organizations is important and Beth share amazing ideas to work on that at Digitize To Do Lists with Google Keep.


Kiser Krafts Handmade

Are you ready for Autumn and Pumpking Spice? Well here’s a great pattern for a cute punching brought to you by Kelly. Pumpkin Amigurumi Pattern


The Broke Entrepreneur

My friend Cheryl is an amazing talented artist that creates the most beautiful and delicate jewelry. Her store Imy & Me offers exquisite designer jewelry with the most beautiful materials. Even she does’t have a link-up, she have a blog named The Broke Entrepreneurs where share awesome reviews of us Handmade Store Owners.

We all can relate with issues at our relationship and Cheryl shared a heartfelt post about The ugly truth no-one tells you – 5 RULES FOR A GOOD RELATIONSHIP.

The ugly truth


Special Mentions

Moon Over My Monkeys

Dinah is a wonderful Momma, owner of  Moon over my Monkeys. Since the first time I saw her work, I felt in love with her beautiful dollies. My heart was just cut in half with her beautiful shark, as my Girl is fascinated with them. Like two weeks ago I ordered one to surprise my Girl, and it arrived perfectly on time. I could say so many amazing things about the package that we received, but I would just mentioned that my Girl cried of emotion when she saw the shark. For me, that worth more than a 5 star. I encourage you to visit her store, as show her some love. I’ll be eternal grateful for the happiness that her amazing work brought to my Girl. (Oh, and Tiny was very excited about hin ninja, too.)


Pelhuaz by Red | Moon Over my Monkeys
Pelhuaz by Red | Moon over my Monkeys


#QtsyLife & I’m Late Planners Accessories

I was the happy winner of a fabulous pack from I’m Late Planner Accessories. I just got it, when hubby went on this last trip to the PO and OMG… Cristie, included so many cute things that I’m looking for places to put stickers and add cute notes. I’m not sure how she does those gorgeous stickers, it has to be magic… If you are a planner’s enthusiastic, visiting I’m Late Planner Accessories have to be a priority in your TO DO List!

Pelhuaz by Red | I'm Late Planner Accessories


There you have it! My listing of favorites is completed for the week. What do you think? Did you made this week picks?

Remember to return on Friday to add your goodies at the new and fabulous Crafty Rebels Link-Up. I’m so excited about that! (Yay!)

Con amor!

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