Handmade Favorites Week 29

Welcome to Pelhuaz by Red’s Handmade Favorites Week 29 – my listing of favorites.

Pelhuaz by Red


This space is my forum to share with you amazing news from Pelhuaz by Red, fabulous blogs, and more incredible handmade goods made by the trendiest artists at my handmade Tribe. As simple as that!


Pelhuaz by Red | Handmade Favorites Week 26





Pelhuaz by Red | Handmade Favorites

Features this week: We had a pretty amazing week of sharing. Take a look at all the neat places that Pelhuaz by Red items were featured.

Remember last week feature by  The Craft Penguin? Well, Kelly from Kiser Krafts Handmade who helped Jennifer with the post, also share it at her blog. OMG… Double the feature! That was amazing!!!!




I recently discover this fabulous group of supporting and awesome friends that are all for helping and promoting. This week Julie – one of my new fabulous friends, shared an amazing collection of items that are perfect Mother’s Day at her blog Blu Print. Our TEAL TRANSLUCENT FAUX GEM DRUZY STUD EARRINGS was included.




New Stickers Layout: I invest in a new sticker layout that looks so fantastic that I’m sure you gonna love. This is an example of what’s coming! In love with this new scene. (And those cactus are the cutest.)





The Handmade Community is always looking for ways to cross promote and share the love. Here are few places to do so…

Kiser Krafts Handmade

Kelly is the host of this fabulous weekly blog where she gave us the opportunity to share our handmade products helping them be seen by a whole new group of people. She’s also an amazing Mama, Friend, and a Mompreneur. At her store, Kelly has beautiful handmade sock dollies and beautiful handmade bags. I highly recommend those, as I’m the happy owner of one beautiful Kelly’s Bag Creations.  Our Butterfly Wooden Clip Set  had a special mention at the Krazies Picks, with few other awesome shops such as:  Blue, Green, Pink, and Orange Hanging Towel Set by We R CraftsDruzy Crystals Pendant Necklace by LindaB142Amethyst and Copper Owl Necklace by Be A Bella Original, and Galaxy Pendant by Cherished By Alecia.


Image courtesy of Kiser Krafts Handmade


My favorite from the Handmade Mania week 71 Link-up FUN! this week is:


Handmade Cloth Doll, Little Miss by Moon over my Monkeys
Handmade Cloth Doll, Little Miss by Moon over my Monkeys




Pelhuaz by Red Description

The Craft Penguin

Jennifer is the owner of The Craft Penguin and she hosts the Penguin Luv Link-Up. Jeniffer creates handmade crafts and custom gifts. Her specialties are Amigurumi and Custom String Arts.

The Penguin Luv is a weekly link up for handmade products from online shops. Her goal is to help promote businesses and get those items seen by new groups of people. Our Butterfly Wooden Clip Set  had a special mention at the Penguin Picks, with few other awesome shops such as:  Handmade Bear Softie by Moon Over My MonkeysWire Wrapped Dragonfly Cabochon Pendant by Dragonfly H Jewellery, and Tan and light blue boat in a bottle Hanging Towel Set with Hotpad by We R Crafts.


Image courtesy of The Crafty Penguin


This week my favorite from the PENGUIN LUV LINKUP WEEK 81 is:


Victorian era Inspired Tassle Necklace by CherishedByAlecia
Victorian era Inspired Tassle Necklace by CherishedByAlecia




Pelhuaz by Red Description

    Sweet as Pineapple Link-up

This is link-up hosted by Pelhuaz by Red. This is not an exclusive link-up to a specific selling platform/group. All sellers are welcome! I wanted to promote all small business, regardless the platform where you are selling at! You are amazing… You have done so much, and I want to celebrate that! Every Friday, there will be a new post with the highlights of the favorites, the most view, and a small mention of a Sweet Friend from my handmade community member. Even, Fridays at Pelhuaz by Red are exclusive for Sweet as Pineapple Link-up, I wanted to share my favorite.

My pick this week from Sweet as Pineapple Link-up Week 27 is

Beth is the proud owner of Wilde Designs. If you are a geek, this is the store for you! OMG, Beth have so many awesome things! I’m obsessed with her Barbie Murder Series. Visiting this shop it’s a MOST!

Why not some tunes to make our morning more joyful? Let’s groove… Here are this week Tunes Tuesday: “Don’t Speak” No Doubt





Each week Christie Share with us fabulous ways to promote our goods, and I love it. Monday Twitter Tree© #CCMTT



Pelhuaz by Red Description



Eluna Jewelry: Life as a Crafter

Here’s another weekly way to promote our goods, and I love it. Wednesday – Twitter Tree #EJWTT



Pelhuaz by Red Description



Kiser Krafts Handmade

This blogger babe added a fabulous post, named  Friday Favorites a Collection of my Favorite Things. Kelly shared SO MANY awesome things that she loved, and we are included. Yay! Take a look here:





Pelhuaz by Red | Handmade Favorites

      Mad Flashers Lightnin’ Auctions

This is a Chic Group of amazing entrepreneurs that offers awesome Weekly Events. You need to be part of the group to take advantage of these events. You can join the facebook groups and take be part of the most fabulous sales around.

This week theme is: Designer’s Choice Auction Congo (Opens Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 7PM EST and Closes Friday, March 31, 2017 at 10PM EST)




Pelhuaz by Red Description

I completed my listing of favorites for the Pelhuaz by Red’s Handmade Favorites Week 29. It’s time for you to pick your favorites. Don’t forget to support the Small Biz! Also, remember to return on Friday to see if your goodies made the cut this week at the fabulous Sweet as Pineapple Link-up. A great place to pick fabulous items from the Small Biz Community! 

And remember that…

You are worthy of everything you desire for your small biz!

Pelhuaz by Red | Handmade Favorites Week 26

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Pelhuaz by Red’s Handmade Favorites Week 29


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