Handmade Favorites Week 49

Welcome to Pelhuaz by Red’s Handmade Favorites Week 49 – my listing of favorites.


Handmade Favorites Week 43


This is my favorite weekly post because I get to share with you amazing news from Pelhuaz by Red, fabulous blogs from around my Handmade Community, and more incredible handmade goods made by the trendiest artists at my Handmade Tribe. As simple as that!

Handmade Favorites






Pelhuaz by Red


Eclipse Day is next Monday: Is your planner ready? Mine is with this cute set. The Eclipse Day Theme Planner Weekly Sticker Kit for the Classic Happy Planner is waiting for you at the Shop. Get your set today and start making pretty plans.


Eclipse Day Theme Planner Weekly Sticker Kit
Eclipse Day Theme Planner Weekly Sticker Kit for the Classic Happy Planner


New Coffee Love Set: Do you like coffee? Is one of the things that keeps me sane. I have a toddler… That says it all. I made this Coffee Theme Planner Weekly Sticker Kit for us who depend on it! Enjoy!


Coffee Theme Planner Weekly Sticker Kit
Coffee Theme Planner Weekly Sticker Kit


Pelhuaz by Red & Pelhuaz Planner PR Team: The team was selected and we are all planning and getting to know each other to start full blast in September. I’ll make the intro of the team pretty soon. I feel overwhelmed with the response and I know that I will be able to expand the team in a near future. Stay tuned!



The Calendar Event: Don’t forget about our new Calendar where all the week events are being displayed. Another awesome way to be notified of our auctions for the week, events, sales, and more. The fun part is that you can save any events directly to your calendar (Google Calendar or iCal)! In case you just want to go there, this image at the side bar of the Blog will take you there!





Auctions for the week: This week is packed! We have so many awesome events starting today! Keep scrolling for all the details!








Link-Up | Pelhuaz by Red | Handmade Favorites

The Handmade Community is always looking for ways to cross promote and share the love. Here are few places to do so…

Kiser Krafts Handmade

Kelly is the host of this fabulous weekly blog where she gave us the opportunity to share our handmade products helping them be seen by a whole new group of people. She’s also an amazing Mama, Friend, and a Mompreneur. At her store, Kelly has beautiful handmade sock bunnies and beautiful handmade bags. I highly recommend those, as I’m the happy owner of one beautiful Kelly’s Bag CreationsNEWS from Kiser Krafts Handmade: Now you can find her awesome creations at ETSY, too.

This week  Handmade Mania week 87 Link-up FUN is up, and our Stars Cannot Shine without Darkness Reusable Tote and Vintage Teal Leather Feather Earrings  made the cut as favorite picks! Here’s my favorite for this week:








The Craft Penguin

Jennifer is the owner of The Craft Penguin and she hosts the Penguin Luv Link-Up. Jeniffer creates handmade crafts and custom gifts. Her specialties are Amigurumi and Custom String Arts.

NEWS from The Craft Penguin: Jen now has a fabulous Digital Shop at ETSY where she offers awesome planner stickers. Because Planners + Penguins is her thing and now she also has printed stickers. Isn’t that fun… – Craft Penguin Planner!

Now to the Penguin Luv. This is a weekly link up for handmade products from online shops. Her goal is to help promote businesses and get those items seen by new groups of people.  Last week was her week 100 and we received the Penguin Favorite Award– Given to the shop who has had the most appearances as a Penguin Pick.


Also this week our Iridescent Feather Leather Earrings made this week cut!



Take a look at this week favorite here.







    Sweet as Pineapple Link-up

This is link-up hosted by Pelhuaz by Red. This is not an exclusive link-up to a specific selling platform/group. All sellers are welcome! I wanted to promote all small business, regardless the platform where you are selling at! You are amazing… You have done so much, and I want to celebrate that! Every Friday, there will be a new post with the highlights of the favorites, the most viewed, and a small mention of a Sweet Friend from my handmade community member.


Sweet as Pineapple Link up Week 46


Even, Fridays at Pelhuaz by Red are exclusive for Sweet as Pineapple Link-up, I wanted to share my favorite. Here is my favorite from the Sweet as Pineapple Link-up Week 48:





Blogger Babes | Pelhuaz by Red | Handmade Favorites

Beth is the proud owner of Wilde Designs. If you are a geek, this is the store for you! OMG, Beth has so many awesome things! I’m obsessed with her Barbie Murder Series. Visiting this shop it’s a MOST!

Why not some tunes to make our morning more joyful? As a side note, I always create this post listening to Beth music pick for the week! 😀  Let’s groove… Here is this week: Tunes Tuesday: “If You Could Only See” Tonic  






Auctions | Pelhuaz by Red | Handmade Favorites

      Mad Flashers Lightnin’ Auctions

This is a Chic Group of amazing entrepreneurs that offers awesome Weekly Events. You need to be part of the group to take advantage of these events. You can join the Facebook groups and take be part of the most fabulous event around. This week theme is: Designer’s Choice Auction Event (Opens Thursday at 8 PM EST and Closes Friday at 10 PM EST)








     Crafty Boutique Marketplace

Crafty Boutique Marketplace is a collaboration group featuring the top designers and boutique owners. Your one stop shopping place! I was accepted to be part of this amazing Group of Artisan and I couldn’t be happier and excited. This week theme is Disney Characters Anything Goes (Opens Friday at 9 PM EST and Close Sunday at 9 PM EST). To participate you need to be part of the Facebook Group.









     Little Artisan Cottage

Another awesome group of artisans is gathered at the Little Artisan Cottage, a collaboration of designers who specialize in all things handmade. This week theme is End of Summer Blowout Sale (Opens Today – Wednesday at 11 AM EST and Close Friday at 9 PM EST). To participate you need to be part of the Facebook Group.










     Little DeMoura Designs & Friends

Another fabulous group of artisans is gathered at the Little DeMoura Designs & Friends, a group of handmade sellers that offers auctions on most days. I’m part of this group and we have a themed market on the first Sunday of each month. To participate you need to be part of the Facebook Group.










     NEW! Planning Beauties

I’m so excited to share with you the news. Pelhuaz by Red is now part of this awesome Auction Group! The Planning Beauties is a team of designers specializing in planner accessories. From paper clips, planner bands, cute bags, and accessories to fill those planner needs! Join us for our auctions and sales. And tell your planning bestie to come on over and check us out! Next week theme is A Starry Night Auction Event! (Opens Today – Wednesday at 8 PM EST and Close Friday at 8 PM EST). To participate you need to be part of the Facebook Group.








I completed my listing of favorites for the Pelhuaz by Red’s Handmade Favorites Week 48. It’s time for you to pick your favorites. Don’t forget to support the Small Biz! Also, remember to return on Friday to see if your goodies made the cut this week at the fabulous Sweet as Pineapple Link-up. A great place to pick fabulous items from the Small Biz Community! 


And remember that…


You are worthy of everything you desire for your small biz!



Handmade Favorites

Pelhuaz by Red’s Handmade Favorites Week 49






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  1. What a fun round up of awesome events! I’m one of the handmade artists in the Little DeMoura Designs group and we have seriously talented ladies! Thank you so much for the feature!

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