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October is one of my favorites months as we celebrate Halloween.

By now you all know that I love orange, and have a particular like for skulls. October Feature of the Month is dedicated to a friend that share that same particular taste for the weird, and the different.


Pelhuaz by Red | Feature of the Month


Her name is Beth and she is the owner of a fabulous shop named Wilde Designs.




She creates geeky handmade jewelry, and other items for her customers to let their geeky flag fly. Many of her things are subtle – pieces that can be mixed and matched with a work wardrobe, even – but others are more obviously fandom-related. As she explain;

“It’s fun to give people an outlet for the things they’re passionate about from movies to books and beyond.”


Pelhuaz by Red | Feature of the Month


She’s currently working on the creation of several necklaces and pairs of earrings from vintage jingle bells to go out as a holiday line for her shop. Beth explained that she have awesome materials and can’t wait to make pretties with them.

“I’d been holding onto the bells since my husband’s grandmother passed down all her craft supplies to me, and I finally realized exactly what I wanted to make with them.”

When I asked her which one was her favorite items she answers that she’s extremely proud of her Dragon Scale Earrings, as well as the Hatchling Dragon Scale Earrings, and Mermaid Scale Earrings. To be honest, those are my favorites, too.



“They’re a little time consuming to make, but they’re so pretty and comfortable to wear, and I adore the visual impact they have. They’re unique without being too flashy to wear in pretty much any situation.”

Beth is a fabulous mama that, with her amazing husband – is raising a cute boy that is an active fan of all of her work. She also managed a fabulous blog – Wilde Designs, where she share useful info for us store owners and the how to of awesome cosplays. If you are a geek, this is the blog to follow. I usually feature her amazing post every Wednesday at the Handmade Favorites Posts.

“I write mostly about how to deal with running a handmade business as well as doing spotlights on some of my favorite shops and artists from time to time. There are tutorials both for handmade and cosplay topics thrown in on top of that.” – she added.

I asked Beth if she wanted to share anything else and she said;

“While is my main home, I’ve recently opened a jump page at where people can quickly jump to any or all of the places that I sell and find Wilde Designs more easily all across the web. If you have any other questions or need some filler, just say the word! :)”

Isn’t that awesome?

You can find Wilde Designs at:







Pelhuaz by Red | Feature of the Month


Beth is giving us a 10% discount at on your entire cart by using code WILDEPELHUAZ at Wilde Designs.

 Don’t missed this opportunity! Everything on her shop is fabulous.

There are only a few more weeks for the Holidays, and any pretty from Beth will be a perfect gift.

Happy October & Happy Halloween!


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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my shop! <3

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