Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 22

The Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 22 ~ Mondays are always perfect because is a new opportunity to start an amazing day and plan for a more awesome week.


New Monday… New Week… New Goals…

We are back on schedule, and this post is just in time! Last week was great, as we celebrated the arrival of the Tres Reyes Magos (Wisemen). You can read here about Los Tres Reyes Magos Celebration.

Pelhuaz by Red | Los Tres Reyes Magos | Wisemen Tradition | Three King Tradition

We had a fabulous time, and so the kids. I gave up on catching up with sleep and just fuel myself with coffee. I’m sure lots of you can relate to that.

Homeschooling is restarting today, so which me luck with that. After almost a month of Winter Break, I’m sure the Girl will be in her “challenging” mood!

Let’s hope for the best, and here for The Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 22.

Pelhuaz by Red | Happy New Year



A great week for Pelhuaz by Red:

Purple Faux Druzy Gem Silver-tone Stud Earrings

  • New products: Was able to work a little around my week and added new and fabulous additions to the Earrings Collection. I just love how cute and sparkly this Daisy Faux Gem Translucent design looks! Isn’t this perfect for a Valentine’s Day Gift? What do you think?

Pink Daisy Faux Gem Translucent Stud Earrings Teal Daisy Faux Gem Translucent Silver-tone Stud Earrings White Daisy Faux Gem Translucent Stud Earrings

  • Fan Tribe: If you are Pelhuaz by Red Fan and are part of our Fan Tribe, I have awesome news for you! Starting next week, if you share a picture modeling a Pelhuaz by Red item (jewelry or clothing) you will receive a Valentine’s Surprise. You just need to take a photo of you wearing our items, share them on your Facebook, IG or tweet about it + tag us (@pelhuaz).  As a token of appreciation, we will send you via mail a Valentine’s Day Surprise. All the details will be shared next week, but start taking those pictures!


Pelhuaz by Red Fan Tribe


  • Orders: Orders are picking up! I made a few this past week. Thank you so much for your constant support!



Homeschool is now in session! 

  • We have so many activities planned this week, including a field trip to a museum. I will share all the details on next week progress report!



Pelhuaz by Red | Handmade Indie Jewelry | Stylish Clothing Designs

How was our week? Take a look at some picture…



Pelhuaz by Red | Handmade Indie Jewelry | Stylish Clothing Designs

I added this new section to The Perfect Monday post, just because… 😀 I’m officially obsessed with Planner.

So now you know why, planning and being organized is my thing.

Last week started like…

Pelhuaz by Red | My Happy Planner | Week 21

and finished like this…

Mambi Happy Planner

How my week will look like? “Homeschooled” + productive! My highlight of the week is the initiation of homeschooling…

Mambi Happy Planner



Pelhuaz by Red Description



Remember that…

Pelhuaz by Red | The Perfect Monday | Monday Quote

Pelhuaz by Red Description | Dots

The Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 22

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