Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 48

Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 48 ~ Mondays are always perfect because is a new opportunity to start an amazing day and plan for a  sweet as pineapple week.


Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 48

New Monday… New Week… New Goals…

Last week was an emotional rollercoaster. I was able to renew my domain with my shop profits (that’s a huge achievement for me), house chores (a late spring cleaning), and started all the homeschooling preparations that always stress me out. There’s is so much to do. At the end, all that struggle turned to nothing when I read the sad story of a Small Biz Mama, that lost her baby of 7mths in horrible circumstances while sleeping. I spend the weekend re-tuning my priorities. Friends, family is the most important thing. Treasure every second, things that are out of our control happened, an accident could be waiting for us in any corner. No one knows what tomorrow might bring, but you can control your NOW. Love. Treasure the little miracles that surround you. Enjoy that constant mumbling of your kids. Love each “Mom, where are you?” when you are out of your little one eye sight. They will grow. You will get old. And those will be your treasures!

Let’s start this new Monday with a positive state of mind and share the love! Hoping for the best, and here for another perfect Monday – Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 48.

Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday




Pelhuaz by Red



Small Biz Progress | Pelhuaz by Red

Here is the  Pelhuaz by Red progress for the week:

  • SSL Certificate: I was able to renew my domain & hosting, plus include the SSL Certificate to it. Now shopping at Pelhuaz by Red, will be more secure and awesome. I feel very proud of this milestone, as it was something I wanted to do for a long time now. Yay!
  • New listings: Have you seen the new & totally cute Weekly Sticker Sets available at the shop? There are also cute and functional Reusable Tote Bags that will be perfect for your shopping days, as a planner bag or a fabulous library bag for your kids. To be directed to any of these sets, just click the image.


Mine Seagull Reusable Tote Bag


Mine Seagull Theme Planner Weekly Sticker Kit


Shop Planner Stickers Kit


  • New Line of Tote Bags: There are so many Reusable Tote Bags available that I need to show you few more. To be directed to any of these sets, just click the image.


Mermaid Girl Reusable Tote Bag

Hello Reusable Tote Bag - Black

Rocket Reusable Tote Bag


Shop Reusable Tote Bags


  • Stats: Take a look at last week stats. Things are getting real! 😀


  • Freebie Alert Download: What will be the freebie this week? The Create Scissors Wool Planner Weekly Sticker Kit. Make sure to get your copy today as will be $0.00 only until tomorrow! 😀 Remember that there are other freebies available.


Create Scissors Wool Planner Weekly Sticker Kit

For More Stickers Freebies Click Here



Pelhuaz by Red



Pictures | Pelhuaz by Red


I had so much on my plate, that I didn’t take pictures. Say WHAT???? Won’t happen again… There’s always time for pictures… Let me just leave last week collage, because we are so cute 😀



Pelhuaz by Red



Homeschooling | Pelhuaz by Red | The Perfect Monday

Well yes… Is that time again. I need to start prepping for Homeschooling. This year theme is SHARKS… My girl is obsessed with them and what better way to make our school year awesome and epic that with sharks?

Homeschool is open!

Now I need to reorganize my agenda. I will start sharing my preparation process and will let you know the things that work (and the ones that don’t) for us. This year, instead of binders we are going to use disks. Here’s a pick at our documents disk-binder (not sure how to call this… a Happy Binder? That sounds about right!)



Pelhuaz by Red



Planning a Happy Life | Pelhuaz by Red

Take a look at what my week looked Before the Ink – Mr. Mustache Pineapple,


Shop Planner Stickers Kit

Here’s how it ended up after the ink…



How will this week look like? This Weekly Sticker Set, is so cute and adorable with the Cute Bears Theme Planner Weekly Sticker Kit. I knew they were cute, but when I printed them and added to my planner, it was another level of cute. My Girl said they looked like the Tiny Tyrant… And they do!

Oh, and remember that you can always click on the image to be directed to the Weekly Sticker Set used on the week.


Shop Planner Stickers Kit



Pelhuaz by Red


This is it! Hope that your week is productive and awesome!


Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday


Pelhuaz by Red Description | Dots

Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 48



Pelhuaz by Red




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