Pelhuaz by Red Valentine Gift Guide

Pelhuaz by Red valentines Gift Guide


With the craziness of the Holidays over, we need to keep going! Seasons don’t stop, and this is one event after the another. You might ask… “What’s now?” The Pelhuaz by Red Valentine Gift Guide… And let me tell you that it’s another crazy wave.

Hearts, chocolates, pink, chocolates, despair, chocolates, extra pounds, chocolates… Because not everything is peaches and cream! 😀

You have less than 4 weeks to plan, shop, and get your packages delivered on time for Valentine’s Day. In order to get your gifts in time for the Love Date, you need to place your orders no later than February 09.


Pelhuaz by Red Valentines Gift Guide


This Valentine’s Day you should do something different and make each gift a thoughtful one. We Small Business Owners have so much to offer. Each creation is made with love and just for you. Most of us even do customized order. If you find something that you like from a Small Biz and you want to change something, just contact the owner, and ask. I’m sure that anyone on my Tribe, will be able to make it just for you.

I decided to share here few gifts ideas that were created for the occasion. Jewelry, stickers, postcards, and more. All in just one place! Hope you like them and find something that you really like!


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Pelhuaz by Red Valentine Gift Guide

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  1. SO MUCH pretty! <3

    1. Yes… I know! I want everything!

  2. Fantastic collection! I agree, I want them all 🙂

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