Pelhuaz by Red’s Handmade Favorites Week 19

Pelhuaz by Red's Handmade Favorites

Welcome toPelhuaz by Red’s Handmade Favorites Week 19– a listing of favorites. This space is my forum to share with you amazing news from Pelhuaz by Red, fabulous blogs, and more incredible handmade goods made by the trendiest artists at my handmade community. As simple as that!



Pelhuaz by Red News


Next Handmade Favorites: This a wonderful time when we spend time with our families and focus on sharing and taking care of them. The Handmade Favorites is all about sharing the work of my friends. As most of them are on vacations, our next post will be posted on January 11, 2017.


Pelhuaz by Red Winter Break


Clearance:Did you know that we have a Clearance Collection that has fabulous close-out items at amazing prices? We all get short on the budget sometimes, and these are the perfect gifts. Take a look at some of the items available for $5 or less.


Heart Shaped Deer | Pelhuaz by Red
Heart Shaped Deer | Pelhuaz by Red


Medusa Red Coral Necklace
Medusa Red Coral Necklace | Pelhuaz by Red


A Peek atPelhuazby Red:There’s a company that makes an 5 minutes evaluation of your website for free. An evaluator runs simple tests of your website and creates a video, that it’s sent to you. Well, I got mine and I felt scared as is one thing to receive feedbacks from your friends, that from a total stranger. To my surprise, the evaluation was super and the evaluator likePelhuazby Red. Want to take a “Peek” atPelhuazby Redevaluation? Also, there’s the link if you want to send yours. Just click the PEEK image.



Pelhuaz by Red Link Ups


Kiser Krafts Handmade


Kelly is the host of this fabulous weekly blog where she gave us the opportunity to share our handmade products helping them be seen by a whole new group of people. She’s also an amazing Mama, Friend, and a Mompreneur. At herstore, Kelly has beautiful handmade sockdolliesand beautiful handmade bags. I highly recommend those, as I’m the happy owner of one beautifulKelly’s Bag Creations.

This week my beautiful friend Kelly is enjoying her winter break, so a new Handmade Mania will be available after she returns from her vacations!

The Craft Penguin

Jenniferis the owner ofThe Craft Penguinand she hosts thePenguin Luv Link-Up. Jeniffer creates handmade crafts and custom gifts. Her specialties are Amigurumiand Custom String Arts.

The Penguin Luv is a weeklylink upfor handmade products from online shops. Her goal is to help promote businesses and get those items seen by new groups of people. Our A Merry Moose Shirtwas one of the featured items as part of the Penguin Picks fromPenguin Luv Link up Week 68.



Emerald Green Safety Pin Bar NecklacebyPelhuaz

Other items featured at the Penguin Luv werePaint Splatter WristletbySewn Of A Stitch US, Let It Go Art Card byWilde Designs, and Batman Crochet BeaniebyEmerick’s Essentials.My pick this week from thePenguin Luv Link up Week 67is:


Lilac Amethyst Golden Chain Necklace by Imy and Me

The Crafty Rebels Link-up

This is link-up hosted byPelhuazby Red. This is not an exclusive link-up to a specific selling platform/group. All sellers are welcome! I wanted to promote all small business, regardless the platform where you are selling at! You are amazing… You have doneso much, and I want to celebrate that! Every Friday, there will be a new post with the highlights of the favorites, the most view, and a small mention of a Crafty Rebel member. Even, Fridays atPelhuazby Red are exclusive forThe Crafty Rebels Link-up, I wanted to share my favorite.

The Crafty Rebels Link-upwill be on a break until January 13, 2017, when a new season will start.

My pick this week fromThe Crafty Rebels Link-up Week 17is

Kawaii Cloud Pillows by Moon Over my Monkeys
Kawaii Cloud Pillows by Moon Over my Monkeys


Pelhuaz by Red Blogs

Beth is the proud owner ofWilde Designs. If you are a geek, this is the store for you! OMG, Beth have so many awesome things! I’m obsessed with herBarbie Murder Series. Visiting this shop it’s a MOST!

Why not some tunes to make our morning more joyful? Let’s groove… Here’s this weekTunes Tuesday: “Please Come Home for Christmas” Bon Jovi


Life Unplanned

Darci is a fabulous friend and Mama that runs a super blog that offers amazing information and guidelines related to parenting, lifestyle, inspiration, blogging, and life in general. Her target audiences are SAHMs and WAHMs, just like you and me. I consider her a friend, as she had helped me a lot with Pelhuaz by Red.

She recently wrote about25 Easy Strategies to Quickly Boost Your Blog Trafficand I think is a most follow to all of us wanna-be-bloggers 😀



I completed my listing of favorites for the Pelhuaz by Red’s Handmade Favorites Week 19.

T-5… Just 5 more days and it’s Christmas. Are you ready? Are you in denial? Did you make your shopping? Did you support the small biz? I hope you did!

Remember to return on Friday to see if your goodies made the cut this week at the fabulous Crafty Rebels Link-Up. A great place to pick fabulous gifts from the Small Biz Community!


Pelhuaz by Red


You are worthy of everything you desire for your small business!


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  1. Love that Peek evaluation! Great job! I might have to try it with my site soon! 🙂

    1. I highly recommend it. It takes few days to get to you, but… Hey, it’s free! 😀

  2. If I don’t talk to you before then, I hope that you have a FABULOUS holiday season! <3 Also totally going to try Peek out as I get my new site up and running! Slooowly but surely 😉

    1. Hope you and you beautiful family have a Magical and Fantastic time full of love and awesome memories! <3

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