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I’m planning to have a Feature of the Month as part of the post that will be available on the blog. There, you will have the opportunity to learn about small business, their amazing products, and their creative process.

Today is the first day of Fall!

I love this season and found so appropriate to present you with this amazing artist that creates wonderful things… Especially for Autumn!

I met so many wonderful people over the past 3 years. All of them fabulous creators, entrepreneurs, and artisans. Lots of them I know and know about their business. Less are the ones that I consider friends. Those with whom I can share my achievements, and frustrations. Be assured that managing a Small Business is a difficult task.

Between those few, is Kelly from Kiser Krafts Handmade, or as I call her My Partner in Crafty Crimes.


Pelhuaz by Red | Feature of the Month


Kelly is an artisan that offers hand-crafted items that she made herself. As she explained, each creation is made with love, care, rescued, re-purposed, and up-cycled materials to help keep supplies from being placed into landfills.

Kiser Krafts Handmade inventory is one of a kind. It is very rare for items to be exactly alike, as everything is hand sewn, crochet, or machine sewed by Kelly herself. I do love everything she does as, each item has character, and personality to add joy to the lives of their forever family.


Pelhuaz by Red Rebel of the Month Kiser Krafts Handmade

Kelly offers unique sock animals, fantastic fabric creations, adorable amigurumi plushies, and one of a kind home decor items in hoop art, and crochet banners. I’m amazed at what she can do with a simple pair of socks… I called her The Sock Goddess.

Pelhuaz by Red Rebel of the Month Kiser Krafts Handmade



Pelhuaz by Red | Feature of the Month


Recently she finished a handful of Fall themed amigurumi. And OMG they are soon cute! When asked about this cutie she said,

So much fun to make. I love the fall – all the colors and cooler weather, so, it just made sense to create adorable candy corn and pumpkins.
She also felt in love with Fall Amigurumis. Kelly explained that,
They each have their own personalities and are colored so bright and cheerful. Both the Pumpkin and Candy Corn amigurumis represent the essance of Autumn. From coloring, to size, to squeez-ablity, they make my maker-heart happy. And I hope they make you all happy, too.

Pelhuaz by Red Rebel of the Month Kiser Krafts Handmade


Kiser Krafts Handmade also manage a blog,

My blog is about all the “stuffing” that makes up this crazy, forgetful, caring makers heart”.

She writes what touches her, her battles as women, wife, and mother.

I write about things I discover, share tutorials I have tried or written myself, and I share my battles with amnesia. I host two weekly link-ups on my blog (as I love helping other creatives): Handmade Mania and Sharing Saturday. Both are wonderful opportunities for creatives to share, to be seen, and to learn about others around on the inter-webs.” – Kelly added.

Kelly is very passionate about the work she does as she is with her family. I asked her about her favorite item and she didn’t hesitate when the answer that her socks lions are her favorites. Who can blame her? Those fellas are so beautiful.

Pelhuaz by Red Rebel of the Month Kiser Krafts Handmade

You can find Kiser Krafts Handmade at
When I asked Kelly if she wanted to share any other details with you all, she explained that,
One of the BIG things for Kiser Krafts Handmade that just recently happened is that I just invested in my own .com!! And I figured out how to house my little shop on my blog! I was ecstatic! I was really battling about my shop, as my time was becoming more in high demand with my two kids growing older, about how to make it work. I really didn’t want to close up shop – I seriously have to – HAVE TO – craft, but it was not working the way it was. I felt like I was spinning my wheels, but going no where. Enter Namecheap and BAM! Problem solved. Putting both blog and shop together helped me save time while on the internet. So far, it has made my life way easier and so much happier. Best decision I have made shop-wise. Totally added happy “stuffing” to my maker heart.
If you want one of the pretties available at Kiser Krafts Handmade you are in for a treat.


Pelhuaz by Red | Feature of the Month

Kelly is giving us a 30% discount on your entire cart by using code Pelhuaz30. This code will be active until October 31, 2016. Don’t missed this opportunity to adopt a stuffy or to get something awesome for you.

There are only a few more weeks for the Holidays, and any pretty from Kelly will be a perfect gift.

Happy First Day of Fall & Happy Shopping!


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