Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 32

Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 32 ~ Mondays are always perfect because is a new opportunity to start an amazing day and plan for a  sweet as pineapple week.


The Perfect Monday


New Monday… New Week… New Goals…

An awesome week awaits us. Let’s start this new Monday with a positive state of mind and share the love!

Hoping for the best, and here for Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 32…

The perfect Monday





Here is the  Pelhuaz by Red progress for the week:

  • Stats: Take a look at last week stats:
  • New look: All the website was beautified with the pineapples theme. I’m so happy. What do you think? Do you like the look?
  • New Items: There are few new items available at the shop, including a gorgeous Pineapple Necklace. Take a look:


Pineapple Necklace (Red, Turquoise, Yellow)
Pineapple Necklace (Red, Turquoise, Yellow)



Butterfly Wooden Clip Set (Teal, Green, Pink)
Butterfly Wooden Clip Set (Teal, Green, Pink)
Be like a Pineapple Mug
Be like a Pineapple Mug



Be like a Pineapple T-shirt
Be like a Pineapple T-shirt


  • Spring is in the air… Free Download: I was able to create a cute Weekly Sticker Set for my Spring Week. To welcome Spring, use code WELCOMESPRING and download this fabulous set for free – the code is valid only for the day.

Spring is in the air Planner Weekly Sticker Kit

Stickers Freebie


  • Happy Mail: I received a sweet surprise from one of my Sweet Crafty Friends! I have to show-off and show you all this cutie thing. Jen from The Crafty Penguin, make awesome crochet items and she creates this fabulous pineapple, just for me! Yay! She’s also making planner clips that are so fabulous. Visit her shop and get yourself a crochet pretty.

Happy mail





Homeschool is now in session! 

  • A fabulous week for Homeschool!Here are our accomplishments:
      • C9: Adjectives, Adverbs & Part of Speech
        • L3: Comparison
        • L4: Prepositions
    •  MATH
      • C10: Multiply & Divide
        • Check my Progress
        • L6: Multiply fractions
      • C8: Europe under transformation
        • L5: Crusades
        • L6: Modern Era
      • Rosetta Stone: Spanish Module
        • Unit 4: Shopping
        • Unit 5: Travel
      • C7: Cuidemos el ambiente
        • L1: Lectura
        • L2: Lenguaje poetico
    •  SCIENCE
      • C8: Earth& Space
        • L1: How do earth move?
    • Special Activity:
      • Handouts related to St. Patrick’s Day




Not much to say here… Just fun and more fun!

pelhuaz by red




Let’s do a recap of last week planning Before the Ink:

Stickers Freebie

and after the ink looks like this…

Stickers Freebie


How will this week look like? All Spring and Color. I used the Spring is in the air Planner Weekly Sticker Kit. The best part is that I used half of the stickers for the week, and the others I’ll use on Easter Week.

and that Tiny Unicorn is from Qtsy Life Stickers!



This is it! Hope that your week is productive and awesome!

Pelhuaz by Red Description

Pelhuaz by Red Description | Dots

Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 32

Ohh! And Happy First Day of Spring!!!!!

Pelhuaz by Red

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  1. Definitely happy that the weather is getting warmer and nicer out in the world! Yay spring! <3

  2. Happy Monday, Zei!! Wishing you a wonderful week!

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