Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 52

Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 52 ~ Mondays are always perfect because is a new opportunity to start an amazing day and plan for a  sweet as pineapple week.


Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 48

New Monday… New Week… New Goals…

Our 1st Domain Anniversary was a complete success. Thank you so much for all of you that participate and share the love. Today will be the winner reveal, so stay tuned at our IG Account. Let’s start this new Monday with a positive state of mind and share the love! Hoping for the best, and here for another perfect Monday – Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 52.

Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday




Pelhuaz by Red



Small Biz Progress | Pelhuaz by Red

Here is the  Pelhuaz by Red progress for the week:


  • Leather Earrings are here: All the Leather Earrings are posted and you can get now. Our Leather Earrings are soft, light, and so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them – will only be reminded by the compliments you will receive. Be confident that each item is unique and handmade just for you.


Vintage Teal Feather Leather Earrings


Leather Earrings | Pelhuaz by Red


Iridescent Feather Leather Earrings


  • Huge Sale and Giveaway Weekend: We ran a huge 30% off sale and a fabulous IG GIveaway. If you participate, stay tuned, because the Happy winner of fabulous prizes will be announced later today. Good luck!



  • New listings: Two new sets sized for the BIG Happy Planner are available now. I’ll start adding more designs in a near future for all 3 size Planner, so just let me know which theme and what size do you prefer and I’ll make sure to add them to the list. These here are up and available for you at the shop. Click on the image to be directed to the listing.


Back to School Shark Theme BIG Happy Planner Weekly Sticker Kit


Autumn Leaves Fall Theme Planner Weekly Sticker Kit



Pelhuaz by Red



Pictures | Pelhuaz by Red





Pelhuaz by Red



Homeschooling | Pelhuaz by Red | The Perfect Monday

Homeschool is open!


Welcome 1st day of Homeschool 2017-2018. This will be a challenging year, as the Girl will start prepping to get Back to Regular School. That is her wish, so Mama and Daddy will grant her. Here is what our week will look like. This plans always change, so at the end of the week will be a little different!



Does not look as fancy and pretty sticker as my Weekly calendar, because I need the space, but I do my best to keep it fun and pretty!




Pelhuaz by Red



Planning a Happy Life | Pelhuaz by Red

Take a look at what my week looked Before the Ink – Shark Week Theme Planner Weekly Sticker Kit,


Shop Planner Stickers Kit

Here’s how it ended up after the ink…




How will this week look like? Back to School!





Shop Planner Stickers Kit

Oh, and remember that you can always click on the image to be directed to the Weekly Sticker Set used and featured each week.

Pelhuaz by Red


This is it! Hope that your week is productive and awesome!


Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday


Pelhuaz by Red Description | Dots

Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 52



Pelhuaz by Red

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