Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 56

Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 56 ~ Mondays are always perfect because is a new opportunity to start an amazing day and plan for a  sweet as pineapple week.


Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 48

New Monday… New Week… New Goals…

Let’s start this new Monday with a positive state of mind and share the love! Hoping for the best, and here for another perfect Monday –

Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 56.

Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday




Pelhuaz by Red


OMG… What a week we had… I try to post last Monday, but the chaos of Irma made me forget to hit the sent and the post was left as a draft… Hurricane Irma passed near our Island and left lots of rain, and some wind. Nothing major, just as if was a Tropical Storm, which we are very used to. Was a scary time because we thought (and all the weather forecast confirmed) that Irma was going to hit us hard.  Thank God (or the Higher Power of your preference) Irma did a last minute detour and went north. I know that some of you still dealing with this thing, and I hope you are well and nothing happened at your end.

Just so you have an idea of how scared we were… That was Irma… And that tiny Island there is Puerto Rico… We still without power and I’m posting and sharing when the Generator is on. We expect to get power back before next Thursday. Keep in mind that we live in a rural area, and lots of branches felt down over the aerial lines.





Pelhuaz by Red



Small Biz Progress | Pelhuaz by Red 

Here is the  Pelhuaz by Red progress for the week:

  • Flash Sale: We are running a flash sale that ends today. Use code BYEBYEIRMA and get a 30% off on all items at Pelhuaz by Red Shop – including the item on Clearance. All Happy Mail will be shipped Tuesday 9/12. (Reusable Tote Bags are excluded from this Sale!)



  • New Sticker Sets are now listed: I wasn’t able to create much, but I did make 4 new stickers set on my Lazy Hurricane Irma Time. The Weather Theme was very handy this past week. And the Voodoo Dolls are so cute! Take a look.







Pelhuaz by Red



Pictures | Pelhuaz by Red





Pelhuaz by Red



Homeschooling | Pelhuaz by Red | The Perfect Monday

Homeschool Week 6!


Week 04 & 05 – Homeschool 2017-2018. A challenging week due to the weather, but we made it…

  • Topics Covered this week:
    • English:
      • Part of Speech
      • Reading Comprehension: Coyote School Newspaper
      • Metaphors
    • Science
      • Matter
      • Force
      • Newton’s Law
      • Machines
    • Social Studies
      • Mountains
      • Desserts
    • Spanish
      • Reading
      • Writing
    •  Math:
      • Multiplication
      • Division
      • Fractions
      • Factorization
    • PE:
      • Ballet Practice
    • Field Trip
      • N/A




Pelhuaz by Red




Planning a Happy Life | Pelhuaz by Red

Things were so hectic last week that I forgot to take a Before the Ink of the Pumpkin Spice Weekly Theme that I used.




Shop Planner Stickers Kit

Here’s how it ended up after the ink. A completely different approach as I added the Weather Theme



How will this week look like? Caffeinated with the Coffee Theme Planner Weekly Sticker Kit at my Mini and Beauty and the Beast at my Classic!





Shop Planner Stickers Kit

Just remember that you can always click on any product image to be directed to the Weekly Sticker Set used and other items featured each week.




Pelhuaz by Red


This is it! Hope that your week is productive and awesome!


With much love, Zei


Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday


Pelhuaz by Red Description | Dots

Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 56



Pelhuaz by Red


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  1. I’m just so so so glad that you and your family are safe and sound! <3

  2. thanks for posting this, glad you and your family are safe, that was a close one!

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