Planner Collection Launch Announcement and Collaboration Giveaway

Planner Collection Launch Announcement and Collaboration Giveaway


Pelhuaz by Red | Planner Collection Launch Event


I decided 2017 is the year where everything gets organized. Noteworthy! Even as a Project Manager, sometimes I struggle with such task. I started organizing and got a regular simple planner from the nearby drugstore. Nothing fancy, just something to got the job done. It worked for some time, but I knew that there was something missing. In the middle of December, when I wasn’t expecting it… I came across with my new Love and current obsession… My New Mambi Happy Planner.


Planner's Addict Collection Launch + Collaboration Giveaway


It was love at first sight. In the looking for fabulous things and accessories for her, I discover a new world that was hidden from me…. The Planner Addicts. It wasn’t just me… There are so many others affected with my same “disease”. 😀 (No… I’m not complaining.) I felt right in place. I discovered planner charms, washi tape designs, pouches, bags, pencil cases, stickers, stickers, and more stickers.

Planner's Addict Collection Launch + Collaboration Giveaway

Isn’t she a beauty? 

One of my lovely friends runs a business that suits all of us Planner Addicts needs. She creates bags, planner pouches, totes, and cases that are perfect to easily secure your BFF and keep it safe. Eli’s is the amazing owner of Naptime Craze Designs. She and Stella – her Singer, make magic with fabric and zippers. She’s also a Homeschooler, so she knows how important is to be organized.


Pelhuaz by Red | Planner's Addict Collection Launch + Collaboration Giveaway


I have my heart set on this one… A real beauty!

I was working like crazy and making pretty things for my new love. My new obsession dragged me to make stickers and create fabulous Planner Charms. To be honest, I’m not planning selling stickers nor templates, at least not yet…  Few freebies… Yes. Selling? We’ll see about that later on. For now, I will leave that to the experts at Tasseled Planner. They have beauties that you wouldn’t resist… I’m sure of that…


Planner's Addict Collection Launch + Collaboration Giveaway


Now… Planner Charms are a completely different thing!  😛


And what was that about a Planner’s Addict Collection Launch?

I’m pleased to introduce you to the new Planner Addict Collection! Gorgeous Planner Charms for the planner’s lover, and other Planner Essentials! Delicately designed with inspirational charms and themes. I’m sure there’s one for you. The best part is that if you aren’t a Planner Enthusiastic, the charms will look exquisite on your favorite purse or bag. Go and take a look at the new Planner Addict Collection.


Planner's Addict Collection Launch + Collaboration Giveaway



Are you excited? Want more?

I have teamed up with Eli from Naptime Craze Designs and Dena from Tasseled Planner, and we have a gift for you… Eli was the one who encourages me to create these beauties for you. And what is a Planner Addict without an Accessory Pouch and Stickers? We are collaborating to bring you the unique opportunity of win one creations from each of our shops. Take a look…


Giveaway Prizes | Pelhuaz by Red


The winner will receive:

  1. A stylish Accessory Pouch from Naptime Craze Designs
  2. A Planner Charm for the pouch by Pelhuaz by Red
  3. An extra Planner Charm for your planner by Pelhuaz by Red
  4. A beautiful set of Stickers for your planner by Tasseled Planner


How do I enter?

Very easy. Click the image below and you will be directed to Pelhuaz by Red Instagram were you will see the Giveaway Image with simple instructions on how to enter. Good Luck!

Giveaway | Pelhuaz by Red



It might be annoying, but I need to add this disclosure: “Giveaway ends February 03 11:59 PM EST. Open to Residents of the US & PR only. To find out who won visit Pelhuaz by Red Blog: The Perfect Monday on February 06, Naptime Craze Designs IG, or Tasseled Planner IG. Will be only 1 winner selected. The winner will be announced at each Collab Instagram Accounts. The winner has 48 hours to respond before selecting a new winner. The products offered for the giveaway are free of charge, no purchase are necessary. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+ are in no way associated with this giveaway.”


Pelhuaz by Red Description


Planner's Addict Collection Launch + Collaboration Giveaway

Pelhuaz by Red Description | Dots

Planner Collection Launch Announcement and Collaboration Giveaway


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4 thoughts on “Planner Collection Launch Announcement and Collaboration Giveaway

  1. Loving the new line! I’m suddenly feeling like I need to get a super pretty planner to play with…

    1. Oh Girl… You really need to! Is something else! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  2. I love this NEW line to your already amazing shop!!!!❤ Welcome to the “Planner Addict” world. 🙌😘

    1. Yay! You are so sweet! Thank you so much for being part of this celebration! <3

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