Pelhuaz by Red Press Kit

Pelhuaz by Red | Press Kit


We feel proud that others have found our work as interesting and exciting as us! Here some nice words from customers and friends from our handmade Community that we look up to:




Pelhuaz by Red Press Kit

“Zei is willing to make anything for you if you just ask her! Well, once Zei made Kelly her own set of stickers, she reached out to me to ask if there were any specific ones I needed! And of course, like Kelly, I wanted more crochet stickers. They are not something you find just anywhere. But Zei took the time to listen to my needs and designed my own wonderful sheet! And since I’m allergic to coffee (yes, I really am), coke is my go to for caffeine and she was awesome and put that it my set!! And she made my stickers in purple since that’s my favorite color!!” – The Craft Penguin



Pelhuaz by Red Press Kit

“I am so thankful Zei is part of my crafty, creative tribe. She inspires me daily to reach for my goals. And when I wear my “I’m Crafty” or my “Goddess Bubble” tee, I feel empowered, pretty, and ready to take life by it’s horns.” – Kiser Krafts Handmade




Pelhuaz by Red Press Kit

“Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a work at home mom and also be a Homeschooler? As if being a parent wasn’t enough! Today, we have the pleasure of reading about a momma that wears many hats at home. As I’m sure most of us do! I met Zei in a Facebook group of handmade creatives back when I used to create girls’ accessories and right away realized she was a cool and fun person. (I’m sure we still use that word right?) Well, I found out she was from Puerto Rico and thought, oh she must be VERY outgoing! I had a former supervisor who was from Puerto Rico and she was amazingly cheerful and always smiling, so right away I felt a connection with Zei. But, let’s get to the meaty part of this featured woman, who not only is a wonderful mother but also a great womanpreneur!” – Confessions of a SAHM


Pelhuaz by Red Press Kit


Pelhuaz by Red offers some really cool designs in clothing, and mugs.  Check out the I am Crafty design that we love.” – Girls with Glasses



Pelhuaz by Red Press Kit


“Zei is the rock star stay at home/work at home momma of Pelhuaz by Red, previously a Project Manager on a self-proclaimed ‘permanent vacation’ of motherhood and small business. She’s the mother of two kids who she homeschools in Puerto Rico while designing gorgeous jewelry, clothing, and accessories. With English as her second language, she’s still a sarcasm pro and all around fun chick to know. I really enjoy interacting with her through social media, she’s extremely talented and makes beautiful graphics for her blog and site in addition to her gorgeous wearables.” – Silver Fox Shares


Pelhuaz by Red Press Kit


“She comes from Caguas, Puerto Rico. Creates amazing items on Pelhuaz. She blogs, creates and is an amazing woman!” – Imy & Me 




Pelhuaz by Red Story

Pelhuaz by Red is a small home-based business with headquarters in Caguas, PR. Her owner, Zei is much more than the Designer, as she alone runs it. This is a one-woman show. She design, create, list, ship, promote everything by herself – between her role as a Homeschooler of a 5th grader, and the daycare of her Toddler.

Being Spanish her first language, sometimes she finds it difficult to work with all the website management, but she tries really hard to proof-read every post more than once. Zei is a Telecommunications Project Manager on permanent vacation that loves making pretty things. But most of all is a Momma, a wife, a homeschooler of a 5th Grader, a caregiver of an active 2 years old Toddler, a crafter, a SAHM, and a WAHM.

She initiated this venture back in April of 2013, and since then, Pelhuaz by Red is in the business of making pretty and affordable wearables. From necklaces to reusable tote bags, offers unique designs that will make you set apart and feel fabulous!

Pretty and good quality in fashion does not means expensive.

Pelhuaz by Red is a small home-based business with headquarters in Caguas – PR, which offers wearable therapy with our handmade indie jewelry & the latest stylish accessories. Also offers planner essentials for the planner addicts and download designs.



Evaluation of our work

Get a peek into the mind of Pelhuaz by Red‘s users.

Evaluation 3

  • Date: July 10, 2017

Evaluation 2

  • Test Number: 2047349A
  • Date: January 9, 2017
  • Participant: January 9, 2017
  • Age: 19
  • Gender: Female



Evaluation 1





The Crafty Rebel of the Year 2016

“Rebel of the Year: This is the highest honor given by our group to another shop! This means you have the best of everything in your shop and the people have voted Pelhuaz by Red for 2016!” – The Crafty Rebels

Pelhuaz by Red Crafty Rebel of the Year



Mentions of our work

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