The Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 14

The Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 14 & we are in full Holiday Mode!

The Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 14


As you know, I like to start my week with a way to be accountable and setting my week goals. That’s the best way to start your week… The Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 14

Our week was amazing, even our car died on me in the middle of doing the Friday Chores. Thank to that, we had the time to window shopping while waiting for our rescuer.Pelhuaz by Redhad another important week as I cached to rank us higher at the search engines. I know BORIIIINGGGGGG! 😛

Here’s for the perfect Monday… 😀


Pelhuaz by Red

  • November Calendar:You know that our November calendar is packed. The Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday preparations are almost ready! Last week, I share details related to the Small Business Saturday celebration and created a Facebook Event, for you to follow and don’t missed all the surprises. You can find all the details here.


Small Business Saturday 2016
Small Business Saturday | Pelhuaz by Red




  • SEO:The SEO still a mystic one for me. However I was able to fix few things and got our rank higher. I was able to put Pelhuaz by Red at a B+ scale. I need to work on performance as my page is too big due to the amount of images – basically. I’m working on that…For me this result a huge achievement!


The Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday


  • Giveaway:The winners were announced, and our contribution of the fabulous Jade Necklace will be heading to it’s new home this week. I forgot to mention that one of Friday chores, was to sent out few happy mail and with the car and me forgetting last Friday was a Holiday, I couldn’t mailed it.

Game of Thrones Theme Instagram Giveaway || Pelhuaz by Red | Handmade Indie Jewelry & Stylish Clothing

  • Crafty Rebels Link up:We had the results published, and love each item featured. Remember to visit theCrafty Rebels Link Up Week 13 post to pick your favorites or share your pretties.
    • Let’s talk about how well we did.
      • 37 Total Blog Views
      • 12 #CraftyRebelsLinkup Shares at FB
      • 6 #CraftyRebelsLinkup Tags at IG
      • 3 #CraftyRebelsLinkup Tags at Twitter
      • 5 #CraftyRebelsLinkup Tags at Pinterest
      • Link up reached:
        • 21 links
        • 65 clicks
    • We had the special appearance of the Rebel of the Week 13 – We R Craftsthat picked her favorites. To read more aboutThe Crafty Rebels Link Up Week 13click on the image.


The Crafty Rebels Link Up Week 13


  • Seasonal Stylish Clothing is waiting for you!The New Stylish Clothing for the Holidays is here. There are all fabulous and so trendy. Season item that will set you apart at any Christmas Party…

Let them wear the ugly ones… Keep the coolest, all to yourself.


Handmade Indie Jewelry & Stylish Clothing | Pelhuaz by Red


These fabulous and New Stylish Clothing are also available for Kids. Lets be matchy-matchy with the little ones!


A Merry Princess Deer Kids T-shirt


  • New Handmade Indie Jewelry Items:TheseSparkly Round Dotted Rhinestone Stud Earringswere added to the Handmade Indie Jewelry Collection. Ideal thoughtful gift, and the investment totally worth it. You’ll make a hit with these as gifts, without doing any damage to your Christmas budget.


earring size | Pelhuaz by Red | Handmade Indie Jewelry & Stylish Clothing


  • Gift Guide Draft:This still on and with good traffic to it! Thank you for that! Don’t forget about it. There are so many amazing shops, that I’m sure that you will find all your gifts there. Support the small business. Keep in mind that when you do, you are helping a Mommy or a Daddy with their families.
Crafty Rebels Gift Guide | Pelhuaz by Red
Crafty Rebels Gift Guide | Pelhuaz by Red



My Homeschooling Project

  • Week #13 is done!
  • I was able to pull out all the docs and regenerate the info.
  • The progress of our week was:
      • C3: Sentences Variance & Structure
        • L1-L5: Review
        • L1-L5: Evaluation
    • MATH
      • C5: Add and Substract Decimals
        • L4: Add decimals using blocks
        • L6: Add decimals
        • L7: Adding property
        • Check My Progress
      • C4: The people of America
        • L1: Nomads Crossing
        • L2: First Findings
      • C3: Un mundo – Muchas Culturas
        • L5: Ortografia – Acentuacion palabras compuestas
        • Palabras de Vocabulario
      • C5: Structure and function
        • L3: Skeleton & Muscular
        • L4: Nervous
      • Arts & Crafts
        • Santa’s Letter
          • To prepare Santa’s Letter in order to be ready for December 01
  • Here are some photos from the week!


The Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday



Hoping for an awesome week… This Monday is already perfect!


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