The Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 15

The Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 15 & we are in full Holiday Mode!

The Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 15

As you know, I like to start my week with a way to be accountable and setting my week goals. That’s the best way to start your week…

The Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 15

It’s gonna be a fabulous week as we celebrated Hubby’s Birthday on Saturday and this is an off week from Homeschooling. We worked hard last week, to have this whole week off – not just the Thanksgiving break.

Last week was awesome. This week will be all about family, being grateful and love!

Here’s for the perfect Monday… 😀


Pelhuaz by Red

  • Events for the Week: We have few events running this week that you can take advantage of! The Small Business Saturday celebration will be awesome by itself with a 25% discount. Only on November 26, use code ILOVESMALL at check out. If by any chance you missed November 26 sale, you still can have a 20% discount the whole weekend (starting Thursday until Monday) with code CYBERWEEKEND to get a 20% off on all items. The CYBERWEEKEND code will be valid all weekend until Cyber Monday 11/28. Sorry, the coupons cannot be used in conjunction.

The Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 15

  • Crafty Rebels Link up:  This week the link up will run for two weeks. I don’t want any of you to missed the opportunity to promote your shops and discover awesome items, and I know we all gonna be focus on more important things, like our families and sales events.
    • For week 14, we had the results published, and love each item featured. Remember to visit the Crafty Rebels Link Up Week 14  post to pick your favorites or share your pretties.
      • Let’s talk about how well we did.
        • 65 Total Blog Views
        • 38 #CraftyRebelsLinkup Shares at FB
        • 6 #CraftyRebelsLinkup Tags at IG
        • 3 #CraftyRebelsLinkup Tags at Twitter
        • 4 #CraftyRebelsLinkup Tags at Pinterest
        • Link up reached:
          •   22 links
          •   23 clicks 
      • We had the special appearance of the Rebel of the Week 14 – Star Struck Creations that picked her favorites. To read more about The Crafty Rebels Link Up Week 14 click on the image.


The Crafty Rebels Link Up Week 14


  • Seasonal Stylish Clothing and New Handmade Indie Jewelry Items waiting for you!: How do you feel about green? These pretties are waiting for you at Pelhuaz by Red Shop.


Pelhuaz by Red | Handmade Indie Jewelry | Stylish Clothing


  • Gift Guide Draft: Have you visited the Crafty Rebels’ Gift Guide? There are so many amazing shops, that I’m sure that you will find all your gifts there. This Holiday Season support the small business. Keep in mind that when you do, you are helping a Mommy or a Daddy taking care of their families.


Crafty Rebels Gift Guide | Pelhuaz by Red
Crafty Rebels Gift Guide | Pelhuaz by Red



My Homeschooling Project

  • Week #14 is done!
  • We managed to complete all the work in advance, so this week will count as an EXTRA LONG THANKSGIVING BREAK. Let’s be grateful for that!
  • The progress of our week was:
      • C4: Effective Paragraph
        • L1: Paragraph & Their Parts
        • L2: Main Idea & Supporting Details
        • L4: Organizing Paragraphs
    • MATH
      • C5: Add and Substract Decimals
        • L8: Substract Decimals
        • L9: Susbstract Decimals
        • L10: Substract Decimals
        • L1-L10: Review
        • L1-L10: Evaluation
      • C4: The people of America
        • L3: Settlement Theories
        • L4: Lifestyles
        • L5: Changes in the Environment
      • C3: Un mundo – Muchas Culturas
        • L1-L5: Review
        • L1-L5: Evaluation
      • C5: Structure and fuction
        • L1-L5: Review
        • L1-L5: Evaluation
  • Here are some photos from the week!


Being Thankful

Because it means you’ve made a difference. It is easy to be thankful for the good things. A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who are. also thankful for the setbacks. GRATITUDE can turn a negative into a positive.

Life is full of surprises (good and not-so-good). But each one of it are part of who you are. Be grateful for those difficult surprises that turned your life upside-down. Without them you wouldn’t be you! Be thankful for the sleepless night, for the dark circles under your eyes, for those Tiny Humans that depends on you to bring them a drink, even Daddy is sat next to them.

To the constant messy play room, for the zillion time you need to pick the Legos from the floor, and forget one that you end up stepping on every single freaking time. The sun that warms your face, for the timer setting at your coffee maker – your true best friend. For friendship… Those special people in you life than even you only know them virtually are always there for you. For your flaws and mistakes, because those are what defines you.

Enjoy your week, cherish those around you!  Remember that theres greatness in you…

There’s no limits to what you can achieve!

So tell me…


Con amor,

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