The Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 16

The Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 16 is here! Week 16? Really?

The Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 15

As you know, I like to start my week with a way to be accountable and setting my week goals. That’s the best way to start your week…The Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 16

Last week was hard work, as we had a lot going on with all the sales at Pelhuaz by Red. I was glad that we were off of Homeschool as I could focus on that. We spend lot of family time, we talked and made arrangements with Santa and everything is scheduled to arrived next week. We like to do the Santa talking ahead to avoid not finding what is needed and the mess on the malls. I get all stressed out when I’m in crowds full of hysterical people fighting for a toy… Seriously? A TOY?

Anyway… This week will be to get back on track with homeschool and finishing touches for our Winter Break!

Here’s for the perfect Monday… 😀


Pelhuaz by Red

  • Cyber Monday Sale!: The events that we had this weekend went amazing. I made few sales, and winners on the giveaways hosted. The Cyber Weekend Giveaway will end tonight, so make sure to participate. Click here to participate. Today is the Cyber Monday Sale. You still can get a 20% discount with codeCYBERWEEKENDon all items.




  • Pelhuaz by Red updates and new looks… After the Holiday Season is over, we got into the valentines roll-o-coster and our website will finally receive its personality. Details will be added to every corner of our site and a beautiful and refine look will take over. I’m so excited and working so hard with images and new designs… Little by little I’ll be sharing tiny pieces of those changes… and if you are an observant cookie, you will notice the small details made just for you! 😀 Details… Details are everything!





The Crafty Rebels Link Up Week 14


  • How about a preview of whats next on Pelhuaz by Red?: Yes! You know it! Curls are the NEW at Pelhuaz by Red. Because Pelua is what I am, and my designs reflect it. I’m so excited about the curls… The unruly tangles will take over Pelhuaz by Red. Here’s the updated version of I am Crafty Design. The Crafty Goddess is currently available as Poster and Mug. Coming soon to the Clothing Collection!

Crafty Goddess Poster | Crafter | Print | Decoration | Working Area

  • Seasonal Stylish Clothing andNew Handmade Indie Jewelry Items waiting for you!:But here’s something festive for your phone screen. Want to have a festive phone? Just click on the image.


Merry Christmas Wallpaper | Wallpaper | iPhone | iPad | Christmas | Xmas



  • Gift Guide Draft:The Gift guide will be up few more weeks. Go and take a look at all the pretty gift ideas available, and support the Small Biz!


Crafty Rebels Gift Guide | Pelhuaz by Red
Crafty Rebels Gift Guide | Pelhuaz by Red



My Homeschooling Project

  • Starting week 15 today…
  • After a week off it feels weird… But here we go!



Enjoy your week, cherish those around you! Remember that theres greatness in you…

There’s no limits to what you can achieve!




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