The Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 18




The Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 18 ~ Mondays are always perfect because is a new opportunity for an awesome week.

It will be a fabulous Monday as the imminent fix of the Evil Tooth will take place today at 1PM. I can’t wait to eat like a normal person again and be pain-free. Thanks to the meds that the doctor gave me, the pain is more manageable and I’m a person again. I was kind of a jerk when the pain was in full mode. Besides that, we finally completed our Santa talks, and are ready for the 24!

Let’s hope for the best, and here for The Pelhuaz by Red Perfect Monday Week 18.



Pelhuaz by Red

  • Back Stage & SEO: As most of you know by now, English is my second language, and sometimes Spanish kick in. Both languages have grammatical differences when it comes to verbs and syntactic. Even I consider myself fully bilingual, I do forget rules and my writing sound funny. However, thanks to a friend’s suggestion, I found a cool tool that will help me with that. More things to put Pelhuaz by Red on the top!
  • New items: The trendiest and coolest pendants made the debut to the Necklace Collection. These jewelry pieces are a trendy fashion element. The safety-pin is a thing now, as it symbolizes that the wearer is pleading to stand up and be part of the solution. The new Safety Pin Bar Necklace are perfect for any occasion, especially baby shower, baby gender reveals party, baby announcements, and much more.


Safety Pin Bar Necklace
New Safety Pin Bar Necklace from Pelhuaz by Red’s Necklace Collection


Pelhuaz by Red Pendant Necklaces and Wilde Designs Safety Pin Earrings


  • Coming soon: There’s so many another style in the making. Can’t wait for the materials to arrive and start making pretty things for you. All the newbies will be available on time for your Valentine’s Day Shopping. Pinky promise!
  • Seasonal Stylish Clothing and New Handmade Indie Jewelry Items waiting for you! The order deadline for the Stylish Clothing is over, but the Handmade Jewelry is December 16. I’ll add as much as new items as possible before that date. This Christmas give a unique gift made with love, made just for you!



  • Sale alert: This will be the last sale before Christmas. Make sure to take advantage of all the items available, especially those on clearance. You might find the perfect gift for that special someone. Use code XMASGIFT and score a 15% Off on all items until December 16.


Pelhuaz by Red | Handmade Indie Jewelry | Stylish Clothing Designs




My Homeschooling Project

  • Winter break is here! 
  • Homeschooling will start again on January 09!

Here few photos from our fabulous week.



Enjoy your week, cherish those around you!  Remember that there’s greatness in you…

There’s no limits to what you can achieve!



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  1. I’m so happy to have been part of your perfect Monday! <3

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