The Perfect Halloween Monday Week 12

happy halloween


This is a special Perfect Halloween Monday, and is all about accountability and setting spooky goals. That’s the best way to start your Halloween week…

I’m so grateful that the cold that was making me feel miserable is finally gone… a “YAY” for that!

Today, we have a fun day planned as we are going to dress-up, and go to a Mall to do our Trick or Treat thing. I will share picture of the kids, and how we looked on next Monday post, as they are not dressed-up yet. I might update this post later today, just to show-off. 😀

I love celebrating Halloween. Is one of my favorite Holidays! So…

Here’s for the perfect Halloween Monday… 😀


Pelhuaz by Red

  • Gift Guide Draft:The Gift Guide is schedule to be up tomorrow. Make sure to save the date. There are so many amazing shops, that I’m sure that you will find all your gifts there. Support the small business. Keep in mind that when you do, you are helping a Mommy or a Daddy with their families.
Crafty Rebels Gift Guide | Pelhuaz by Red
Crafty Rebels Gift Guide | Pelhuaz by Red
  • Crafty Rebels Link up:We had the results published, and love each item featured. Remember to visit theCrafty Rebels Link Up Week 11 post to pick your favorites or share your pretties.
    • Let’s talk about how well we did.
      • 66 Total Blog Views
      • 11 #CraftyRebelsLinkup Shares at FB
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      • Link up reached:
        • 36 links
        • 221 clicks (Wow!)
    • We had the special appearance of the Rebel of the Week 11 – Globes by Jugsthat picked her favorites. To read more click on the image.
Globe by Jugs - Rebel of the Week
Globes by Jugs – Rebel of the Week
  • November Calendar: November will be full of fun activities and events, including the Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday! I’ll be sharing more details soon.
Small Business Saturday | Pelhuaz by Red
Small Business Saturday | Pelhuaz by Red


Neurotic Mom by Pelhuaz by Red
Neurotic Mom by Pelhuaz by Red





My Homeschooling Project

  • Week #12 is done!
  • The following topics were addressed last week:
      • C3: Sentence Variety and Structure
        • L1: Kinds of Sentences
        • L2: Sentence Variety
        • L3: Kinds of Clauses
        • L4: Simple, Compound & Complex Sentences
    • MATH
      • C4: Divide by 2 digits
        • L3: Divide by 2
        • L4: Adjust Quotients
        • L5: Divide greater numbers
        • Textbook
        • L1-L6: Review (Check my progress)
        • L1-L6: Evaluation (Test need to be retaken)
      • C3: The American Continent
        • L4: The vegetation of America
        • L5: Bodies of Water
      • C3: Un Mundo – Muchas Culturas
        • L2: Teoria – La obra teatral
      • C4: Growth and Survival
        • L1-L4: Review
        • L1-L4: Evaluation (94A)
      • Arts & Crafts
        • Preparing Costume for Halloween
          • Start preparing Kyara’s Costume for our Halloween hang-out.
      • Technology & STEM
        • Science: Investigate – What do plants have in common?
          • Classify objects by observing their traits.


Here are some photos from the week!


Family Time
Family Time


Metallica Concert | Date Night
Metallica Concert | Date Night


Metallica Concert | Date Night
Metallica Concert | Date Night


Halloween Preps
Halloween Preps




What are in your plans this fabulous Halloween Monday? What’s on your to-do list? Feel free to share.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for our fabulous Gift Guide, to stop by on Wednesday for ourhandmadeFavorites,and on Friday to find out if your favorites made the cut at theCrafty Rebels Link Up!

Enjoy your perfect Halloween Monday!

Happy Halloween | Pelhuaz by Red


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2 thoughts on “The Perfect Halloween Monday Week 12

  1. It’s definitely going to be a full week!

    1. I will be for sure! <3

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