The Perfect Monday Week 1

Pelhuaz by Red

Because accountability and setting goals are the best way to start your week…

Here’s for the perfect Monday…

The past week was awesome and scary at the same time. I made a huge decision, and I’m “by myself” with this Pelhuaz by Red Adventure. Bought my domain, and now I have a hosted website. This is a 1 Mama’s Operation. I do everything by myself between the homeschooling, a imaginative girl, an active Toddler, a Hubby, the house chores, and Warcraft…

Yes… because on top of everything I have to do, I decided I was able to managed 3 Level 100 characters, and be part of “whatever” invasion is coming.

There’s a lot of saying around my Handmade Community. If you are an active participant of forums and support pages, you’ll know that recently the platform where I used to have my store made huge changes at important areas and there’s a lot of discomfort. Me? Well, I don’t have much to say about it. Companies are created to be successful, to generate profit, and they are entitle to use their business plan anyway they see fit. Few will like it… Few don’t. The important part in all of this is that in order to be successful, you need to see every challenge as a growth opportunity.

Move forward. Do what makes you happy. Help others. Accept changes.

Changes are good. They are opportunities in disguise. I recognized mine… And here I am. Doing the .com thingy, all over again. And I love it!

Looking at what I had achieved in the past week, made me realized I should have done this a time ago. Before the discomfort. Before the drama. Before the ugly parts.

I like my The Perfect Monday Posts because gives me a heads up of what I have done, make me think about what’s next, and gives me the perfect push to start my week happy and full of positive vibes. I hope it does the same for you. This post won’t change much, as will still be the accountability for Pelhuaz by Red and for My Homeschooling Project.

So here are my achievements for the week:

Pelhuaz by Red

  • New location & new looks: As you can see, we now have a new look and a new store location. I love the new landing page… Love it!

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 11.28.40 AM

  • A new Crafty Rebel Community: Due to all the changes, Pelhuaz by Red now is part of a new and fabulous community that its main goal is to support their members. I’ll do my part to support each one, and share the little knowledge I have about the areas of interest regarding the handmade community, product, wordpress, and woo-commerce.
  • A new weekly post: I decided to share 3 posts on a weekly basis, and once a moth provides you with a feature store from my Crafty Rebels Community.
  • A brand new weekly Link-up: Starting Friday, a new link up will be available for you to share your amazing creations. The Crafty Rebel Link Up will be available for any artist that wants to share their creations. Stay tune and don’t missed this new opportunity to discover new store and fabulous handmade goods.
  • New designs available at the Apparel Collection: There are few new designs available at the apparel Collection that I’m sure you will love. Here’s a peak:
I love coffee!


I’m outdoorsy




My Homeschooling Project

  • First week of homeschooling was awesome. We get used to the new routine, and where able to complete all the tasks.
  • The following topic were address last week:
    • English: The Writing Process
    • Math: Place Value (Millions)
    • Social Studies: We are part of History
    • Spanish: Amando la lectura y Las Vocales
    • Science: The nature of Science
    • Arts & Crafts: Developing our creativity
    • STEM: Saw it/Draw it
  • We had our very first field trip, and the kids love the time outside, exploring the Jardin Botanico. At the site we where able to identified birds, saw fishes, and farm animals. We explored archeological ruins from the time when sugar was cultivated in PR. Structures, a hanging bridge, an ancient house, and a Batey from our Tainos, were also available at this park.
  • Here some picture:




As you can see, last week was very productive… And this week have a promise for greatness.

Enjoy your perfect Monday,


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4 thoughts on “The Perfect Monday Week 1

  1. Love the new look! You’re doing an amazing job and I adore seeing your new creations!

    You are an inspiration to us all!

    1. Oh, thank you so much! We are all part of this amazing team. You have done a fabulous job with your site and with our group! Go Crafty Rebels!

  2. Always excited to see what comes next for all of us! <3

    1. Yes, we are an awesome community. Thank you so much for being here! <3

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