The Perfect Monday Week 10



The perfect Monday is all about accountability and setting goals. That’s the best way to start your week…

I have so many plans for this upcoming season that I was really busy…

Here’s for the perfect Monday…


Pelhuaz by Red

Take a look at Pelhuaz by Red progress…

  • Gift Guide Draft: I was debating on which Crafty Rebel feature at November and December, and to be honest, I couldn’t decide. I thought that why not feature them all? So I came up with the idea of creating a Gift Guide, here you can go and pick your favorites, make your wish list, or just “Window Shopping” if that’s a thing that you can do browsing the web. ūüėÄ On November 02, Pelhuaz by Red will share a blog post with an interactive Gift Guide. There will be desiccated Shops and Sellers will be able to add their pretties all month long. The best part is that you can access it whenever you want. Awesome, si?
    • Calling all Sellers to participate:¬†If you are a seller and want to be part of this just add your items here and you will receive a special appearance at the Gift Guide… Will look something like this, with a Holiday theme.


  • Crafty Rebels Link up:We had the results published from our very ownCrafty Rebels Link Up Week 9, and love each item featured. Remember to visit theCrafty Rebels Link Up Week 9 post to pick your favorites or post your pretties.
    • For you to have an idea, here are those fabulous¬†numbers:
      • 84¬†Total Blog Views
      • 12¬†#CraftyRebelsLinkup Tags at FB
      • 14¬†#CraftyRebelsLinkup Tags at IG
      • 5¬†#CraftyRebelsLinkup Tags at Twitter
      • 22¬†#CraftyRebelsLinkup Tags at Pinterest
      • Link up reached:
        • 119¬†views
        • 36¬†links
        • 381¬†clicks
    • We had the special appearance of the Rebel of the Week 9 – Adore by Natthat picked her favorites. To read more click on the image.


  • New apparel images: Little by little I’ve been updating the products images and making cute Instagram’s posts. I found mock-ups that go so well with the designs that I’m just in love!¬†You can find these pretties at¬†Pelhuaz by Red Apparel Collection.



what | pelhuaz by red


smartassery | pelhuaz by red


feature of the month wilde designs

  • Sale Alert:You already know about the sale that will be up until the 31.¬†Use¬†codePELHUAZto receive the fabulous discount that¬†willonly applyto the apparel, posters, and mugs.¬†The sale introductory price is calculated on a 10% discount on the regular price of the specific item.




My Homeschooling Project

  • We had a greatWeek #10!
  • This week will be evaluation week as we reached the first 50 days of homeschooling.
  • The following topics were addressed last week:
    • English:
      • C2: Effective Sentences & Word choice
        • L5:¬†Using sensory details
        • L1-L5 Review
        • L1-L5 Evaluation (83B)
    • Math:
      • Chapter 3:¬†Divide by one digit
        • L10: Quotients
        • L11:¬†Models
        • L12: Interpret remainder
        • L13: Problem Solving
        • L1-L13: Review
        • L1-L13: Evaluation (92A)
    • Social Studies:
      • Chapter 2:¬†Review
        • L1-L5: Evaluation (88B)
    • Spanish:
      • Capitulo 2:¬†Todos en linea
        • L1-L5 Review
        • L1-L5: Evaluation (90A)
    • Science:
      • Chapter¬†4: Growth and Survival
        • L1: Physical structures of living things
        • L2: How do adaptation help plants?


We had a great week and wishing for another awesome one.

Do you have special plans? What’s on your to-do list?¬†Feel free to share.

Don’t forget to stop by on Wednesday for ourhandmadeFavorites,and on Friday to find out if your favorites made the cut at theCrafty Rebels Link Up!

Enjoy your perfect Monday!

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2 thoughts on “The Perfect Monday Week 10

  1. Awesome updates, Zei!
    I’ll share the Gift Guide opportunity with my promo team ūüôā
    Have a wonderful week! <3

  2. Thank you so much! Saw Nat’s post and had to share my items. And will now share the post!

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