The Perfect Monday Week 2

Pelhuaz by Red

Because accountability and setting goals are the best way to start your week…

Here’s for the perfect Monday…

It’s Monday already? This Mama needs like two days of being in bed doing nothing. That aim gonna happen! That’s why coffee was created, for sleep deprived Mamas – like me.

Today is very special day. It’s my oldest daughter 18th birthday. A bumpy road, but she was able to made it thru. Today’s also her first day at College, so will be double the fun. I’m a very proud Mama, and just wanted to wish her the best of days and let her know, than even she’s far I still miss her hugs and kisses. Love you Baby Girl!



It was a great week full of achievements. I was able too pull my first week on the blog with 3 new post, and the reach was beyond I had expected.

Thank you so much for your support!


So here are my achievements for the week:

Pelhuaz by Red

  • Looks and Feels: Pelhuaz by Red new home is looking amazing and I really love the feel of it. It’s clean, easy to navigate, and inviting. At least that what I think it is. What do you think?
  • New products: I’m a believer that a word can change the course of your day. Using that as inspiration, I came up with a neat design of some sort of inspirational words apparel design. I’m crazy about caffeinated“, and of course… in orange. So much needed! There are six new designs available in 12 amazing colors: rare, adulting, exquisite, gorgeous, and what?.
Caffeinated Short Sleeve Women T-Shirt
  • Crafty Rebels Link-up Launch: The very first link-up hosted by Pelhuaz by Red is available since last Friday. I was amazed on how many artist visited the post, and added their amazing work. I discovered new artist, and so many new products. If you haven’t seen it yet, just click this link. You still have time to add your items, and be part of the cross promotion. The results of this first one will be posted this Friday with a special appearance of one Crafty Rebel Friend, 4 product featured, and the opportunity to promo with a new link-up cycle.

My Homeschooling Project

  • Week #2 of homeschooling was much better. We were prepared, and were able to complete all the tasks.
  • The following topic were address last week:
    • English: The Writing Process (Drafting & Revising)
    • Math: Place Value (Decimals)
    • Social Studies: We are part of History (History Resources)
    • Spanish: Lectura basica (M, P, T, es, L, el)
      • Lectura: Un avion en mi jardinera
    • Science: The nature of Science (Scientific Method)
    • Arts & Crafts: N/A
    • STEM: Saw it/Draw it
    • Health & Safety: Hygiene
    • Domestic: Cooking (White Rice)
  • We couldn’t be able to attend to our planned field trip due to some coordination issues, but we’ll go this Friday!
  • This week we have reviews and a Math Test.


Here some pictures of our week:


Homeschooling Achievements







As you can see, last week was very productive… And this week have a promise for greatness in it. Don’t forget to stop by on Wednesday for our handmadeFavorites and on Friday to find out if your favorites made the cut at the Crafty Rebels Link Up!

Enjoy your perfect Monday,






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6 thoughts on “The Perfect Monday Week 2

  1. How fun! Happy Monday to you. Love the shirt design.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Gloria! Is so nice to see you here! <3

  2. Sounds like you’re on track!

    1. I’m trying to! You guys have a lot to do with my progress. Your support is whats motivates me the most!

  3. Wow, you’re accomplishing a lot! Keep it up, Girl!
    Happy belated birthday to your oldest daughter.

    1. Thank you Nat! <3

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