The Perfect Monday Week 3

Pelhuaz by Red

Because accountability and setting goals are the best way to start your week… And this here is the perfect Monday!

Another awesome week awaits for us. What are your wins? I had plenty of those… Some big, and some smalls… but all are wins! Yesterday I shared a personal story about life and how grateful we should be about our little miracle. In case you missed itEmbrace. Love. Live. Postis available for you to read it here.

Here’s for the perfect Monday and the Little Wins!


Pelhuaz by Red


  • Tassels: I’m working with a new design for some pretty awesome tassel necklaces, but still under design. I’ll reveal more details over the week. The designs will be inspired on our apparels and will be fun to do the Mix and Match!


  • New Apparel Design: The platform that we were hosting our store, still making questionable approaches. We got inspired, and made a new design based on those crazy business decisions! Too much? I don’t think so! 😀 I like the green one – you know, Envy… Green… Green of Envy… 😛
Envy? Don’t Womens T-Shirt

My Homeschooling Project

  • Week #3of homeschooling was a little slow, as the Girl was not feeling at her best! However, we were able to complete all the schedule activities.
  • The following topic were addressed last week:
    • English: The Writing Process (Editing & Proof Reading, Publishing & Presenting)
    • Math: Place Value (Evaluation 87B)
      • Multiply whole numbers (Prime Factors)
    • Social Studies: We are part of History (Protagonist of History)
    • Spanish: Lectura basica (N, F, al, D, en, esta)
      • Teoria Literaria: Generos
      • Vocabulario: La Impresión
    • Science: The nature of Science (Review & Quiz – 17/22)
    • Arts & Crafts: Water & Alcohol Paper
    • STEM: Flight Simulator
    • Health & Safety: N/A
    • Domestic: N/A
  • Here some pictures of our week:

My Homeschooling Project Week 3



IMG_3869 IMG_1341

As you can see, last week was very productive… And this week have a promise for greatness in it.

Don’t forget to stop by our Crafty Rebels Link up to vote for your favorites or add your creations. Also, each Wednesday I’ll share myhandmadeFavorites,and next Friday you’ll get this week’s results, as is the cut at theCrafty Rebels Link Up!

Enjoy your perfect Monday,







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