The Perfect Monday Week 5


The perfect Monday | Pelhuaz by Red


The perfect Monday is all about accountability and setting goals. That’s the best way to start your week…

This week had been a little difficult to work with, as we were without power on Tuesday. Even the power returned same day, we learned that the outage was caused by a truck that brought down all the cable while he was passing by. Took the electrical and the finer optics wiring… Yeah, NO GOOD! Everything was fixed by Thursday, but unfortunately weather conditions strikes and we were without electrical power again. It was late Sunday that we were able to get the service back. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Sunday… Was Migraine Sunday… Not fun at all! But…

Here’s for the perfect Monday…

Pelhuaz by Red

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  • New apparel: We now have leggings. OMG! They looks so nice. The designs are perfect to mix and match with our t-shirts, tank tops & tote bags. You can find them at Pelhuaz by Red Apparel Collection.
Lets Do This Teal and Pastels Leggings | Pelhuaz by Red
Lets Do This Teal and Pastels Leggings | Pelhuaz by Red


  • Necklaces: New charm necklaces will be available this week at Pelhuaz by Red. There will be cute, simple and affordable. Perfect for your everyday jewelry needs. Here a sneak peek:


hamsa small pendant | Pelhuaz by Red Handmade Indie Jewelry
hamsa small pendant | Pelhuaz by Red Handmade Indie Jewelry


My Homeschooling Project

  • Week #5is over, and we are so ready for this one.
  • Today we are going to have a relax day, because we want to! I spend the complete Sunday with a horrible migraine, and don’t feel at my best! So decided to make today a relax day.
  • The following topics were addressed last week:
    • English:
      • Unit Reading: Story (The Horned Toad Prince)
    • Math:
      • Chapter 2: Multiply whole numbers (Distributive property, Estimate Products, Fluency Practice)
    • Social Studies:
      • Chapter 2: Terrestrial Surface (Geography)
    • Spanish:
      • Lectura basica (B,V, un, dos, ay, por, R)
      • Capitulo 2: Nuevos retos (Gramatica Actual: Ortografía)
    • Science:
      • Chapter 2: Design & Function (How does technology Mimic living things & Design Process)
    • Arts & Crafts:
      • N/A
    • STEM:
      • What makes bridges strong
    • Health & Safety:
      • N/A
    • Domestic: Cooking (Baking a Carrot Cake)
  • Here some pictures of our week:




As you can see, last week was very productive… And this week have a promise for greatness in it. Do you have special plans? What’s on your to-do list?

Feel free to share.

Don’t forget to stop by on Wednesday for ourhandmadeFavorites,and on Friday to find out if your favorites made the cut at theCrafty Rebels Link Up!

Enjoy your perfect Monday,


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