The Perfect Monday Week 8

Fall The perfect Monday | Pelhuaz by Red

The perfect Monday is all about accountability and setting goals. That’s the best way to start your week…

So, hey… Fall arrived! Here’s for the perfect Monday…


Pelhuaz by Red

Things at Pelhuaz by Red are looking pretty nice. With Fall here, it’s time to release the Fall Collection and some fun items for Halloween. I did managed to make some progress at Pelhuaz by Red…

  • Crafty Rebels Link up: We had the results published from our very own Crafty Rebels Link Up Week 7, and love each item featured. Remember to visit the Crafty Rebels Link Up Week 7  post to pick your favorites or post your pretties.
    • For you to have an idea, here are those fabulous numbers:
      • 64 Total Blog Views
      • 11 #CraftyRebelsLinkup Tags at FB
      • 14 #CraftyRebelsLinkup Tags at IG
      • 7 #CraftyRebelsLinkup Tags at Twitter
      • 22 #CraftyRebelsLinkup Tags at Pinterest
      • Link up reached:
        •   18 links
        •   347 clicks (WHAT? This was amazing!)
    • We had the special appearance of the Rebel of the Week 7 – Team Neville that picked her favorites. To read more click on the image.

The Rebel of the Week Picks Team Neville | Pelhuaz by Red Crafty Rebels Link up

  • New apparel: Cute things keep coming to the Kids Apparels Collection. Items for babies, infants, and toddlers. All of it perfect for this Fall Season, and most of all Halloween. I posted new T-Shirts and Onesies, but the highlight of the eek are this Tote bags for your Halloween You can find them at Pelhuaz by Red Kids Collection.

Halloween Pumpkin Tote Bag

Halloween Tote Bag


  • New Jewelry Items:  As you know I used to have a store in another location, and I was’t able to migrate all the products. I took time to take new pictures and add it to the listing with a new low price. Also brand new items were added, as well. Take a look at the Indie Jewelry Collection, and start doing your wish list. Here few examples.

moon_druzy_madame new_feathers_leaves tassel_lillith_nautilus


  • Sale Alert: The sale on all my apparel, still on. Yes is an epic SALE! Here are the detail for the sale… You will have the opportunity to get a fabulous apparel, at a great price. All apparel will receive a discount, giving you the opportunity to get some of our t-shirt as low as $18.00. Isn’t that fantabulous? Remember the kids apparel, those designs are available for you as low as $18.90. You just need to pick your favorite item, add it to the cart, and add the code PELHUAZ to receive the discount. This introductory price will be available until October 31, 2016, and will only apply to the apparel, posters, and mugs. The sale introductory price is calculated on a 10% discount on the regular price of the specific item.
  • Free Wallpaper: Said what? With each Pelhuaz by Red order, you will receive a free wallpaper with the design of the item you just bought. If you like it as a shirt… You will love it at your lock screen. (If you buy a jewelry items – that are not included on the sale, you will receive it too!)


My Homeschooling Project

  • We had a great Week #9!
  • The following topics were addressed last week:
    • English:
      • C2: Effective Sentences & Word choice
        • Correct Sentence Fragment
        • Correcting Run on Sentences
    • Math:
      • Chapter 3: Divide by one digit
        • L3: 2 Digits dividend
        • L4: Division pattern
        • L5: Estimate quotients
        • Check my Progress
    • Social Studies:
      • Chapter 2: Terrestrial Surface (Parallels & Meridians)
    • Spanish:
      • Capitulo 2: Todos en linea
        • L1: El Cuento
        • L3: Prefijos y Sufijos
    • Science:
      • Chapter 3: Classifying Organisms
        • L2: How to classify animals?
        • L3: How to classify plants?
    • Arts & Crafts:
      • Movie & Cuddles
        • Tarzan
        • Shallow
    • STEM:
      • N/A
    • Health & Safety:
      • N/A
    • Domestic:
      • N/A
    • Field Trip:
      • N/A

Here some pictures of our week:







As you can see, last week was very productive… And this week have a promise for greatness in it!

Do you have special plans? What’s on your to-do list? Feel free to share.

Don’t forget to stop by on Wednesday for our handmadeFavorites, and on Friday to find out if your favorites made the cut at the Crafty Rebels Link Up!

Enjoy your perfect Monday,

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  1. Loving the fall and Halloween stuff!

    1. Me too! This is my favorite time! ORANGE!!!!!

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