Clothing Changes for Your Changed Body Post-Birth
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Clothing Changes for Your Changed Body Post-Birth

One of the most difficult things for new mothers to come to terms with is the fact that their post-pregnancy bodies don’t go back to their pre-pregnancy shape and size immediately. Many find strength in the fact their bodies were capable of giving birth to a human being and that they are now nurturing him/her. For others, coming to terms with their changed bodies is a process. Part of that process is getting to know the clothes you can and can’t wear (if and) until your body goes back to its pre-pregnancy self.

Maternity Undergarments

Naturally your body will have increased in size during the course of your pregnancy. This means that any undergarments you previously wore will have to upgraded to a bigger size. This involves finding a maternity bra and underwear that is big enough and also comfortable enough to fit you properly. It is advisable to get cotton undergarments because pregnant bodies produce more sweat than normal and are also more sensitive, and therefore constant contact with materials like silk might cause itches and rashes. Thongs, G-strings and bikini bottoms should go out the window; in its place, purchase granny panties and clean whites because their shape will support your pre- and post-birth stomach and hold it in tightly so that after the birth of your baby, the elasticity of the skin will help shrink it back to its pre-pregnancy look.

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Maternity Wear – Night and Day

Again, the emphasis is on comfort and you can choose large or small tops based on your preference. The same goes for the bottom, with shops now offering jeans, skirts, harem pants and other types of comfortable maternity wear. There are even work clothes, custom-made for pregnant women, which follow the simplicity of normal work wear but are lined with cotton, have less fussy fastenings and have more room to accommodate a pregnant belly. Nightwear is much simpler as any old thing goes – as long as the mother is comfortable in it. After giving birth, she may have to get up several times in the night to breastfeed the baby, so a top with a large and loose neckline or buttons down the front will be more appropriate.

Maternity-Time Shoes

Most women ditch their high heels immediately after they hear they are pregnant, and for the first few months, until the pregnancy is declared out of danger, it is a wise move. There is always a chance that high heels can cause a woman to stumble and fall, which could be disastrous for a pregnancy. However, once the pregnancy is confirmed, there is nothing to stop you from wearing high heels, provided they are solid and safe. Shoes with wedge heels, platform heels and kitten heels are usually safe for wear while pencil heels and spikes should never be worn. There are some shops that specialize in sexy shoes specially designed for pregnant women with extra weight in the heel to prevent any misstep. All you have to worry about however is finding a comfortable pair to wear. After giving birth, you can wear any shoe you please.

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