Empower The Grocery Delivery Business In UAE With InstaShop Clone

Empower The Grocery Delivery Business In UAE With InstaShop Clone

There is hardly a business that hasn’t developed an app. Mobile apps have made people’s life easier and better. From getting groceries to booking your travel to banking there is an app for everything. If you think you have been left out, we have an excellent ondemand app idea for you to make you number Uno in the grocery delivery industry in UAE. Excited? Building an InstaShop clone app can not only provide your business the desired boost but, also aids in growing and expanding regardless of the COVID19 situation.

InstaShop ondemand grocery delivery app is one of the famous business models founded in the United Arab Emirates in the year 2015. The app has prospered for offering convenient ways for grocery shopping in a few clicks from the smartphone. The order is delivered in as little as 30 minutes from the nearby grocery store. Looking at the success story of InstaShop, many entrepreneurs of UAE have shown interest in developing apps like InstaShop.

To venture into the ondemand grocery delivery app, it is important to look at the various aspects of this business. A mobile app development company will be assisting you in establishing your clone app, but it requires gathering a few facts to start with:

  • Research your niche market
  • Know your target audience
  • Customizing features
  • Technicalities of app development
  • App platform
  • Scalability

Once you have gathered your data and have done research work thoroughly, the next step involves is to know the type of the business model:

Aggregator model

A grocery delivery app will connect grocery stores to the users. The InstaShop clone app will act as a marketplace, offering list of suppliers/vendors/individual grocery stores to list their services with the app and the users will have the flexibility to place the order accordingly. You will have full control over the business activities happening on the app.

Individual grocery store

This is a single store app where you will be managing the bookings, orders, and delivery. The app can increase your store visibility in the locals nearby. Once you have the word out, you can expand the grocery delivery service in neighbourhood areas.

Grocery chain model

Managing multiple outlets can be a hassle if you do not have an efficient system in place. Building an InstaShop clone app can help you simplify and streamline your grocery business so that you can take more bookings, make quick deliveries, zero errors, and boost profits.

The InstaShop clone app makes people’s life easier and convenient. It does not require stepping out of the home especially in the COVID19 situation; the users can place grocery orders with few taps on their smartphones and get them delivered at the doorstep.

Rest assured about the quality of the groceries, as they are delivered from the verified grocery stores. When your InstaShop clone app is designed with user-centric features, ease in navigation with great UI there is no doubt your app to become an established name in every household of UAE. Additionally, make sure to work on the SEO keywords and have it store optimized so that the customers can search easily and download without any fuss.

Start Developing the InstaShop Clone App

Collaborate with a white label app development company that builds you a scalable grocery delivery app like InstaShop. It is a 100% readymade source code build on a scalable technology. This means you do not have to worry about your future expansion or spend a dime on it. This is a one-time investment where you can make customization, modify/add/ features easily, and can scale up your business without any hassle. Connecting with an expert mobile app developer team can answer your queries and aids in pushing your app project in the right direction. Witnessing the latest trends, the team will be there throughout your app development to the launch in the Play Store/App Store.

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