Why Planner Collaborative Sale will make you a better Planner Goddess

Hello, My Beautiful Planner Goddesses!

We all know that to get better at anything, you need to do more of it. To get better at running, you need to run. To get stronger, you need to lift heavier things. To be a better writer, you need to write more. And to be a better Planner Goddess, you need more stickers. A lot more. LOL!

We all, Planner Goddesses knows this, but there’s never enough stickers. We wait for that particular time when the planner shop owners get together and offer us God Send Collaborative Sales!

You don’t need to get all the sticker; you just have to try.

And I’m here to help you with that.

Tomorow the Girl Boss Planner Sale goes life and Pelhuaz Planner by Red will be part of it, next to a list of awesome shops! The Girl Boss Planner Sale is an amazing group of Entrepreneurs that came together to offer you the opportunity to get the hottest planner supplies at an amazing price.

Girl Boss Planner Sale

As part of this sale, Pelhuaz Planner by Red will have a 40% Off on all items. Keep in mind that we have Stickers for all Planners and Accessories, too.

Girl Boss Planner Sale | Collab Sale | Pelhuaz Planner by Red

We have this fabulous freebie and the first 15-20 orders will receive a magnificent Swap Bag (more like an envelop) with samples of my Shop-Girl-Boss-BFFs. Our Fabulous PR Girls have super cute samplers, so keep an eye open for their sharing!


For all the sale details, the 1 CODE, and participant shops stay tuned to this post updates or visit the Girl Boss Planner Sale Website.

Want more? Yes? Here’s the list of all participant shops with its discount.

  1. ❤️Crafts by Doraelia – 30%
  2. 🧡Gilded Lily Stickers – 35%
  3. 💛Golden Creations Hawaii – 25%
  4. 💚Groovy Knees – 30%
  5. 💙Kats and Lemons Sticker – 40%
  6. 💜Little Witch Studios – 25%
  7. ❤️Lovely Ladybug Studio – 30%
  8. 🧡Lux Kitty Designs – 30%
  9. 💛Pelhuaz Planner by RED – 40%
  10. 💚PlanItWithStickers – 25%
  11. 💙PlannerSwagBoutique – 35%
  12. 💜Planning In Paradise – 40%
  13. ❤️Pretty Planner Pretty World – 40%
  14. 🧡Rainy Creek Designs – 30%
  15. 💛Spotted Gum – 30%
  16. 💚Sprinkled 2 Bits – 30%
  17. 💙Stick It Two Em – 30%
  18. 💜Stick With Whit – 30%
  19. ❤️Sticky Situations Co – 25%
  20. 🧡The Iris – 40%
  21. 💛The Planner Co – 40%
  22. 💚The Tealight Corner – 25%
  23. 💙Vodka & Tonic Designs – 35%


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Want EVEN more? Of course, you do… Here’s the list of my favorites!


PlannerSwagBoutique – 35% off



Vodka & Tonic designs – 35% off



The Tealight Corner – 25% off


The Iris – 40% off


Rainy Creek Designs – 30%


Stick With Whit – 30%


Sprinkled 2 Bits – 30%

Pretty Planner Pretty World – 40%


Acknowledge that this is the ultimate planner list, and we are all good for you and your planner.

It’s okay, none of us will judge your fascination for Planner Accessories.

We’ll make it all easier and will take good care of you!





little noo-noo panda

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4 thoughts on “Why Planner Collaborative Sale will make you a better Planner Goddess

  1. Pelhuaz Planner by Red will have a 40% Off on all items during the sale!

  2. I’m so excited, i can’t wait!!!!!! Already browsing and filling up my cart

  3. Crafts by Doraelia will be having 30% off during the sale. http://www.craftsbydoraelia.etsy.com

  4. Wow! Such a great line up!! ^_^ Very excited about this sale!

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