How to Survive a Collaborative Sale Like a Boss

Hello, My Beautiful Girl Bosses Planner Goddesses!

Ever feel overwhelmed by the idea of losing deals at a Collab Sale? Guess what? Once again I’ve got you covered with a foolproof checklist that will assure you the best deals in the less possible time. We are such planners that we even need to plan to get our favorites Like a Boss!



Let’s do this…

Make a plan…

  1. Mark the dates on your calendar, as soon as you see a Collab Sale that spikes your interest.
  2. Visit the main sales group (there’s always a Captain on that ship!) for details and participant shops.
  3. Establish a budget… This is super important. Know your limits. Rest assured that we Shop Owners will seduce you to the dark side…
  4. Do some window shopping and even start firing up those carts.
  5. When you find your favorite shops, go back to the main sales group and hunt for the PR Girls and deals.
  6. Take advantage of the sale. Think of gifts, future events, and even next year’s planning layout. Some shops like mine, have 40% Off on all items.

Want to start using these tips right away? Of course, you do… Who doesn’t love a good sale!

Tomorow the Girl Boss Planner Sale goes life and Pelhuaz Planner by Red will be part of it, next to a list of awesome shops! The Girl Boss Planner Sale is an amazing group of Entrepreneurs that came together to offer you the opportunity to get the hottest planner supplies at an amazing price.

As part of this sale, Pelhuaz Planner by Red will have a 40% Off on all items. Keep in mind that we have Stickers for all Planners, Printables (THIS IS NEW!), and Accessories, too.


We have this fabulous freebie and the first 15-20 orders will receive a magnificent Swap Bag (more like an envelop) with samples of my Shop-Girl-Boss-BFFs. Our Fabulous PR Girls have super cute samplers, so keep an eye open for their sharing!



For all the sale details, the 1 CODE, and participant shops stay tuned to this post updates or visit the Girl Boss Planner Sale Website.

Want more? Yes? Here’s the list of my favorites!


Oh! Good Idea


Lil’ Dimples Co

Salty & Sweet Shop

That’s it! This sale will be so much fun…


Feel free to leave your favorites shops in the comments!





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