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How to Survive a Collaborative Sale Like a Boss

Hello, My Beautiful Girl Bosses Planner Goddesses! Ever feel overwhelmed by the idea of losing deals at a Collab Sale? Guess what? Once again I’ve got you covered with a foolproof checklist that will assure you the best deals in the less possible time. We are such planners that we even need to plan to […]

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Why Planner Collaborative Sale will make you a better Planner Goddess

Hello, My Beautiful Planner Goddesses! We all know that to get better at anything, you need to do more of it. To get better at running, you need to run. To get stronger, you need to lift heavier things. To be a better writer, you need to write more. And to be a better Planner […]

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Shop Highlight at Girl Boss Planner Sale

Hello, My Beautiful Planner Goddesses!   Today is a fabulous day as Pelhuaz Planner by Red will receive a shop highlight from the Girl Bosses at Girl Boss Planner Sale Facebook Group. They will review, our website and our products. We are also hosting a great Giveaway and an Instagram Takeover. Yes, a really busy […]

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